Fun & Freezing

From yesterdays post, you may have gathered that it’s COLD here in good ole’ Northern Utah. Despite the chill in the air (which have settled in my hands and feet), life in Megatropolis isn’t all bad.

Tuesday night me and my team, the infamous Jackson One Plus Five, played some excellent volleyball. I spite of our record-breaking 5 missed serves in a row (yes, I contributed), we still kicked butt and played some of our best v-ball since our team began more than 5 years ago. We have so much fun together, and Tuesdays are always one of my favs of the week :).

Today I met two of my amazing friends, Erica & Piper, for lunch. Erica is a big fan of Zupas, and threw it out as a suggestion for a meeting place. Ummm…. YUM!!! I had the tomato basil soup and a chicken cobb salad. It was SO good, and was definitely perfect for this weather. While the food was delicious, the company and conversation trumped it :). I am so grateful that I met these two women who have become wonderful friends to me. Ladies, you are THE BEST! I can’t wait for our next outing :).

It looks like these horrific arctic temperatures are coming to an end, and it will hit a balmy 30+ this weekend. I’m looking forward to a weekend of fun with the kids, which includes a movie with Grandpa Jimbo and our own Superbowl Party.

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2 Comments on “Fun & Freezing”

  1. piper Says:

    Aren’t we lucky Erica didn’t miss the serve on the lunch suggestion???
    LOVE you so much, my Megan. I’m currently trying to figure out how to purchase a vat of that soup and dunk myself in it. That would take care of my freezing toes too.

  2. erica Says:

    I always have so much fun hanging out with you two! Zupas is one of my fave places to eat…I’m glad that I could share the joy with both of you! What you did see: I stuffed the rest of my panini in my purse. What you didn’t see: I ate it and it was gone before I even got to the freeway. De.lish. 🙂 And way to rock the volleyball!

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