It’s Gotta Go Wednesday

Before I get into my It’s Gotta Go post, here’s a little side note. I want to give Mr. N a high-five, sympathetic back pat, and a huge hug and kiss for his awesomeness. His new shift at work is an interesting one. One that means that some nights he doesn’t get home until after 3 a.m. Add an early morning (8 a.m. to be exact) meeting following a late night into the mix, and it makes for a very tired hubby. I know there are men out there who do not have such a great work ethic and would be unwilling to man up the way Greg has. Thanks for working hard! Xoxo :).

Back to the regularly scheduled program.

As previously mentioned, we see a lot of movies in this house. But what are the odds that the same annoying occurrence would happen at both of the last movies we went to. What occurrence you ask? The people-are-idiots one.

I guess I take things for granted and am making a big assumption when I expect the general population to grasp the concept of PERSONAL SPACE. For example, when you go into a public restroom with multiple stalls, you don’t use the one directly next to one that is already being used. Right? You give one courtesy stall.

When at a theater, I expect that unless the theater is full or near full, people don’t sit right next to each other. And by each other, I really mean me. The last two movies we went to proved otherwise. And both of the theaters were less than half full!

Seriously, it’s close enough quarters as it is… you don’t need to sit RIGHT NEXT TO ME. I don’t hate people, I just don’t want to have any physical contact with them. Well, strangers that is. And I don’t want to talk them, or hear them chew popcorn or open candy wrappers, or know of their existence in any way, shape, or form. Oddly enough, I’m a pretty physically warm person. I’m a “hugger”, but I reserve my affections for those people in my life that I actually know.

Yes, I have stranger-danger syndrome, and I hate hate hate sitting by them. Especially when the situation does not call for it. When you’re at a play or concert, it’s expected that you’ll end up sitting next to someone you don’t know. I’m totally fine with that. But at the movies, I don’t want to meet new people, and I don’t want to catch whatever disease it is you are carrying. Because inevitably, the morons people weird enough to not know the cardinal rule of keeping a MINIMUM of one seat between yourself and another moviegoer (I like to make it 3 seats, just to be safe) always seem to also be missing the instinct to shower.

Anyway, people who sit right next to me at the theater when there are plenty of other seats… you’ve really gotta go.

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2 Comments on “It’s Gotta Go Wednesday”

  1. erica Says:

    Courtesy stall. YES. Courtesy seats. YES AGAIN. Although to be honest I haven’t been to a movie in such a long time that I’ve darn near forgotten how the seating arrangements are anyway. Time to get out of the house? YEEEESSSSS.

    Btw, I’m off to declutter my house after reading your “Take No Prisoners” post. I am much more a pass-things-along kind of person than a hoarder. That’s why I take pictures of sentimental things and then D.I. them. Take no prisoners, indeed. Feels good! πŸ™‚

  2. Carla Says:

    I promise to never sit by you at the movies…..unless we go together. πŸ™‚ Love your posts!!

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