So Cool, and Not

I am currently lying in a bed in a lovely motel in the middle of nowhere, which incidentally is called Bluff, UT. I will fulfill your dreams with photos and details of my stay here another day, but I’ve decided to use these 37 minutes before we make the trek home to give you this life-changing information about myself.

NOT COOL: Being 35 and feeling like I’m 60.
COOL: I’m not so rotten and feeble that I can’t play Volleyball (season just ended… 😦  ) AND softball (season just starting… 🙂 ).

NOT COOL: The fact that we have all stainless steel appliances, EXCEPT for one.
COOL: Knowing that when the day comes when we replace said appliance, my life will finally be complete.

NOT COOL: Worrying that you’ll 1) cry, 2) say something stupid, 3) not be able to come through for people who need and deserve it, and 4) cry during a presentation.
COOL: NOT crying, getting ALL of the $ requested for an awesome cause, and pretty much not sounding like an idiot. YAH!

NOT COOL: Driving 6.5 hours to come to a town with a population of 150 and leaving your husband at home because, well, you’re going to a town of 150.
COOL: Being in a town of 150 that is BEAUTIFUL, and learning a lot about my heritage, as well as hearing some great stories about my family. Seeing the most amazing Indian ruins ever, as well as some very petroglyphs, and going on a hike up San Juan hill (a trail the pioneers came). NOT being a pioneer.
NOT COOL #2: Thinking that town of 150 would be lame and boring, and not forcing husband to come.

NOT COOL: Driving through, according to the weather report, crappy weather for 6.5 hours.
COOL: Returning home to my most favorite people.

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One Comment on “So Cool, and Not”

  1. Carla Says:

    if I am ever sad I just have to read your blog and it perks me up. (ha) No matter what you have to say…the way you write it is awesome!! 🙂 love ya!!!!

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