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F. to the R. to the I. E.N.D.S

February 13, 2011

This weekends theme: Friends.

We were sans children for an entire 48 hour period, and when the mice are away… well, you know.

Friday night we got together with our friends Ryan & Jamie. Jamie and I met about 5 years ago playing on a co-ed softball team. While we haven’t played s.b. in almost 3 years, our friendship survived the sport :). Ryan & Jamie married about a year ago, and because he’s a great guy, we welcomed him into the “fold” with open arms. Both Jamie & Ryan are huge sports fans, so we began the night at a local sports bar, and then headed to our house to watch the Jazz game. Even though the Jazz choked, it was still a great night and wonderful getting to spend some time with friends we don’t see as often as we’d like.

Saturday night we had our lovely and delightful friends, Sarah & Dave, over for dinner and to play our new favorite card game. Not only do we love D&S, but it’s always fun getting our dogs (Jake & Maggie) together for some canine frolicking. It doesn’t matter what we do, we always have a lot of fun together. We’ve had multiple little weekend trips, just us and the dogs, as well as numerous weekends spent at one or the others house. But things will change shortly… Sarah & Dave are expecting! I’m so excited for them and can’t wait to hold and play with a baby (all while having the ability to hand it over at the end of the night 😉 ). I know that this wonderful addition to their family will bring many changes, but all good ones! Congrats to you both!

Speaking of friends, last Monday I got the opportunity to take my amazing friend Carla (who I’ve spoken about before) to the hospital for some lab work (in case you missed that post, Carla has AML, a form of leukemia). Carla, Jeff, and their girls are in my thoughts and prayers daily, and while I worry about them, I am also blown away by their strength. Jeff is such an amazing example to me of unconditional love and support. I’m not a terribly sappy person, but watching their relationship and love for each other through all of this… seriously inspirational. Carla looked absolutely beautiful, and we joked around and laughed like we always do. She is truly an amazing person, and I feel so lucky to have her and her family as friends. Love you! Here’s your reminder to donate blood, or blood products (such as platelets or plasma), and if you can, become a bone marrow donor.

Here’s to friends!

It’s Gotta Go Wednesday

February 9, 2011

As a kid I developed a love for certain comics, specifically The Far Side and Calvin & Hobbes. Thanks to my dad and older siblings, we had quite a few of the full books of Calvin comics. I loved Calvin… an incredibly rambunctious, creative, hilarious, make-a-mother-want-to-run-away, sweet, sometimes sinister but always funny kid. So you can imagine how I feel when I see a bumper sticker such as this one:

You may think these stickers are funny if:

  1. You have an IQ of less than 90.
  2. You consider cowboy boots part of formal wear.
  3. You are a 13-year-old boy.
  4. Your uncle and daddy are one-in-the-same.
  5. You have a truck that has been lifted, AND has a gun rack.
  6. Howard the Duck is one of your favorite movies.

If you love your car, that’s great! I’m all about supporting the brands that you’re a fan of. But all the Calvin peeing sticker does is tell me that you’re a dumb arse. These stickers rival those stupid “balls” that those who I hope go first in a plague men hang on the tow hitch of their trucks. CLASSY! Yeah, nothing says “I’m awesome” like a veiny plastic mold of the family jewels. It’s a total turn on to us ladies.

I’m pretty confident in saying that Calvin & Hobbes creator Bill Watterson does not approve nor does he benefit from these tacky stickers. And personally, it causes the bile to rise in my throat to see these stupid, white trash stickers on the back window of some red-necks truck. It goes against the spirit of the comic itself.

Regardless of if you liked Calvin & Hobbes or not, let us band together and publicly shame (or at the very least mock) the morons with the Calvin peeing on (insert car manufacturer, politicians, person, etc) in the window of their truck/car. Because these stickers have GOT TO GO.

Mastheads Past

February 6, 2011

From most recent to oldest, here are all of the mastheads that I’ve created for this blog. Impressed? Yeah, I thought so. I’m sure you’ll be shocked to know that I have no formal training in masthead design OR Photoshop. OK, so I muddle through the best I can and have very little knowledge (or talent) when it comes to design. But I do have fun coming up with ideas for my next masthead, even if the execution is lacking. Enjoy.

Mr. Sensitivity

February 6, 2011

Cooper: “Mom, Jake thinks he’s ugly. It’s sad.”

Me: “Why do you think that?”

Cooper: “Because he looked in the mirror, put his head down, and walked away. But he’s not ugly! I think he’s cute!.”

Then he whispers to the dog, “Jake, it’s OK. You’re not ugly, you’re very cute”.

Cute indeed.

Fun & Freezing

February 3, 2011

From yesterdays post, you may have gathered that it’s COLD here in good ole’ Northern Utah. Despite the chill in the air (which have settled in my hands and feet), life in Megatropolis isn’t all bad.

Tuesday night me and my team, the infamous Jackson One Plus Five, played some excellent volleyball. I spite of our record-breaking 5 missed serves in a row (yes, I contributed), we still kicked butt and played some of our best v-ball since our team began more than 5 years ago. We have so much fun together, and Tuesdays are always one of my favs of the week :).

Today I met two of my amazing friends, Erica & Piper, for lunch. Erica is a big fan of Zupas, and threw it out as a suggestion for a meeting place. Ummm…. YUM!!! I had the tomato basil soup and a chicken cobb salad. It was SO good, and was definitely perfect for this weather. While the food was delicious, the company and conversation trumped it :). I am so grateful that I met these two women who have become wonderful friends to me. Ladies, you are THE BEST! I can’t wait for our next outing :).

It looks like these horrific arctic temperatures are coming to an end, and it will hit a balmy 30+ this weekend. I’m looking forward to a weekend of fun with the kids, which includes a movie with Grandpa Jimbo and our own Superbowl Party.

It’s Gotta Go Wednesday

February 2, 2011

I’m not sure that much else needs to be said in terms of why this has got to go. Bitter doesn’t adequately describe the temperatures outside. Painful and shocking in a take-your-breath-away kind of way seems more appropriate. Winter… I’m so over you.



Feels Like: -22°

Past 24-hr:
Precip: 0 in
Snow: 0 in
From ESE at 9mph