It’s Gotta Go Wednesday

I had an entirely different thing planned for my post today. I had actually already WRITTEN a part of the post that I was going to use for today’s IGGW. So you know it’s gotta go if I’m forced to ditch my semi-prepared post to write a new one. Yeah, it’s that bad.

There are some people in this world that can be somewhat gullible. They are quick to buy into get rich schemes, often purchase everything they see that promises to make their life better, and pretty much believe whatever it is they hear. For simplicity sake, let’s call these people dumb. Then there are those some might call cynical. They are the ones who think if it probably sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Before they buy into anything, serious research must ensue. Let’s call these types of people smart. Or even “me”, because it’s shorter.

I know and love people who are both smart and dumb, and while I might not agree with the group who isn’t “me”, I don’t judge the dumb. It’s always good to have a handful of dumb’s in your corner so that they can be the little guinea pigs and then tell you first hand their experiences with the stuff they buy. WIN WIN!

What I DO not appreciate is when the dumb get a fire lit under them, and then try to me down into the pit of dumb by trying to force me into becoming something other than what I am and have always been… “ME”. Let’s get more specific.

Last night I got an urgent message to return a missed call. “It must be important”, I thought. “Or this person must need something”. Grrr. Imagine my absolute delight when I called back to learn that this person has found the greatest and most awesome thing ever. It’s something that will change my life, change their life, cure AIDS, and cause the people of the world to form a gigantic circle around the globe, holding hands and singing. Yes, another name for it is a pyramid scheme.

Legal, yes. The biggest bunch of crap, yes.

But this person is an adult AND dumb, so hey, enjoy that ride sunshine. The problem is that this person is strongly trying to shove this crap down my throat. Yes, it might be wrapped in a delicious pita and smothered in yogurt sauce, but it’s crap none-the-less. Ironically, one of Greg’s dumb friends tried equally hard to sell him on the exact same program a year or two ago. Greg listened to the spiel, did his research, and politely declined. That friend is no longer involved in the awesome “program”. ANYWAY…

I hate being pushed to do something that I do not want to do. I don’t particularly like (some) salesman for the simple fact that some are pushy and try to manipulate. But the world needs salesman, I guess, and even though I can be a total wimp, I can still walk away and forget about it 5 seconds later. But when family or friends become the salesman, and not just an innocent hard-working salesman, but the pushy, annoying salesman, well, that’s a whole different story.

About 12 years ago a childhood friend called me. I was thrilled! “Wow”, I thought, “she called to catch up with me and see how things are going”. Yeah, or not. She called to sell me on Amway shiz, and I was really bugged. Enough so that I haven’t talked to her or seen her since. Friends who try to use me as one of their stepping-stones up their pyramid have pretty much sealed their fate of never seeing me again.

Now when family does this crap, it gets even more complicated. You can’t quit your family, even if you want to. So when this person, who is kind of like family, called and then proceeded to aggressively push the crap filled pita down my throat, it made me not only uncomfortable but also angry. I hate being put in that kind of position. I said no, I meant no, and I shouldn’t have to explain myself any further or justify it in any way just because there is a DNA connection. I really enjoyed the, “I will laugh in your face. AND in Greg’s face” comment. I really hope this person does… I hope it works out for them. Still, I’ll pass (probably because I’m not a complete idiot). It’s one thing to pitch an idea or let people know what you’re doing. Pushing it is a whole other ball of wax… ear wax with little hairs in it.

If you care about the people who you are theoretically supposed to care about, trying to strong-arm your family or friends into some amazing “program” you just got into after going to a convention has GOT TO GO.

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2 Comments on “It’s Gotta Go Wednesday”

  1. Matt King Says:

    Is this person from Utah county?

  2. erica Says:

    Yeah, I’m not a fan of those “programs,” either. I don’t appreciate solicitations of any kind. Too bad that this person kept pressing even when you had said no. It’s all about respect. Respect for the dumb and respect for the smart.

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