It’s Gotta Go Wednesday

Sunglasses… they are something I literally do not want to ever live without. Not because I look sooooo cool in them (which undoubtedly I do), but because my eyes are rather sensitive to sunlight. “People with a lighter eye color (mine are blue) may experience more light sensitivity in environments such as bright sunlight, because darker-colored eyes contain more pigment to protect against harsh lighting” – Vance Thompson, MD. See!!! It’s totally scientific and crap!

I am rarely outside without my shades, and I always have a few pairs in my car to make sure I have them on hand while driving. So you see, I am a true fan, lover, and worshiper of sunglasses. But the name, “SUNglasses”, should be the clue that they are meant to wear in times of sunlight.

When I walk indoors, the sunglasses come off and go into the purse. When I see people walking around inside, wearing their stupid sunglasses, I have a strong desire to hit them in the back of their heads with enough force to knock their stupid glasses off of their stupid eyes. And celebrities… is there something that happens genetically when a person reaches a certain social popularity that makes light, even dim lighting like you’d find in a club or bar, painful? Maybe light is a celebrities kryptonite.

Or do they think that they are SO incredibly superior that the general population is not worthy of viewing their god-like peepers?

Unless you have diagnosed Photophobia, are blind, or are really high and trying to hide it from your parents, please, do us all a favor (and really, help yourself by not looking like such a dip SHTICK) and take ’em off. Sunglasses in doors… it’s gotta go.

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