Chances Increased by .345%

It was shorter than everyone would have liked, but our mini getaway was delightful. The weather was nice (enough), and the kids loved spending time with Grandma & Grandpa. Here are some of the highlights our or trip:

  • The temperature may never reach 70, but I’ll still come home with a nice sunburn. I can’t say that I’ll be surprised if I get skin cancer, seeing each trip increases my chances.
  • It’s great how kids can turn a simple inflatable slide that is supposed to sit on the edge of the pool into a miniature floating hill in which there can only be one king. It won’t always be true, so I’m really enjoying the years that I am bigger and stronger than the kids, and therefore I. AM. KING!
  • I may be king, but that did not protect the back of my hip from Ian’s knee coming in contact with it after jumping onto me from the side of the pool. I have a nice bruise (and probably kidney damage) as a result.
  • My dad makes the best ribs.
  • For once I feel like I actually got enough sleep while away on vaca.
  • This drive was another confirmation that the choice to buy a sweet van for travel was one of the best decisions we’ve made.
  • I’m so glad that I am one of those lucky people with awesome parents whose company I actually enjoy  AND that my mom is a game person.
  • I am very grateful for my health and properly working senses, but if I could turn my hearing on and off, I would.
  • It’s not my fault I’m a bed making nazi… I was trained.
  • My dad is the master of all dairy confections. At home, he has earned the title of being Dairy “King”, because he often takes the kids there. In St. George, he has now made a habit out of buying the spray whipped cream and spraying it directly into their mouths. They LOVE IT!
  • Our kids ate soooo much sugar that I’m wondering if they are going to go through a psychotic episode from the withdrawals.

There you have it, our weekend in bullet point. I’ve returned home to a pile of “to do’s”, but the time away was well spent, somewhat needed, and definitely enjoyed :).

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3 Comments on “Chances Increased by .345%”

  1. erica Says:

    I’m glad you had a great trip! Welcome home and let the first snowflakes that fall with the coming storm bring you right back to reality. 😉 And now I have a hankering for some spray whipped cream…

  2. piper Says:

    that (mostly) sounds wonderful!! I thing the hearing option would be great!! I hope to meet your cute parents someday! Enjoy that sunburn, maybe it will keep you warm here in our “Spring” weather!

  3. Carla Says:

    JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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