It’s Gotta Go Wednesday

This is dedicated to all of the people out there (and more specifically my friend Sarah) who have moron pet owners as neighbors.

When I was a kid, we shared a fence with a family who owned 2 dogs. They were Scottish terriers (the dogs, not the family), and they barked. A lot. My dad got so fed up with it one night (my parents bedroom window was next to the shared fence) that he took a patio footstool and threw it over the fence that the yappy lil’ suckers. We never did see that footstool again.

Fast forward 20 years…

Shortly after I had my first baby, life at my home became somewhat less than comfortable. Neighbors to the back of us owned a stupid, little, barking piece of canine. And for some odd reason, these neighbors felt that it was OK to leave their dog outside all day and all night. Every day I was filled with anxiety as I put my son down for his afternoon nap because that dog had a bark that was equivalent to that of putting an air horn outside his door. If you’ve had kids, you know that naps are more precious than oxygen. That dog often kept me awake at night. We spoke to these neighbors multiple times and called animal control a few times before there was any improvement.

In that same home, there were neighbors one house away who had a similar stupid dog and similar idiot tendencies. After literally 3 hours of hearing their stupid dog bark, I went over to their house at 2 a.m., knocked on the door, and in a not so super friendly neighborly way, let them know that their dog was barking and had been doing so for the past 3 hours, and I was letting them know because I guess they couldn’t hear the EAR PIERCING noise that was right outside their back door.


I had a similar experience in the next home my ex and I bought.

My friend Sarah is currently experiencing a similar problem, and doesn’t really know what to do about it. I’ve slept at their home and can testify that if you turn the bathroom light on in the middle of the night, their neighbor’s dogs will bark. SO ANNOYING!

I’ve made it pretty clear that I love dogs. I have a dog. Does he bark? Yes… if someone comes to our door and knocks or rings the bell. And then he shuts up. Or he’ll bark for a second if he’s outside and sees a stranger. But we don’t ever just leave him outside, and if he IS outside and we hear him bark, we nix it immediately. That’s what bothers me the most. Yes, some dogs bark. But I don’t think that you should be made aware of your dogs barking by your annoyed neighbor.

That gene is missing in certain people which causes them not to realize that others don’t really enjoy the sound of their barking dog? It’s not cute, and it’s not music to anyone’s ears. There are other serious concerns when it comes to dogs being left outside to live their lives… that’s an entirely different subject. If you’re going to make the commitment to own a dog, and yes, it is a commitment, be a responsible and aware owner.

People who leave their dogs outside all of the time and treat them more like lawn ornaments than living beings, and let these creatures bark incessantly… you’ve gotta go. You, AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO!

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One Comment on “It’s Gotta Go Wednesday”

  1. The Grunt Says:

    This post should be run on TV as a public service announcement.

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