No Animals Were Harmed

Not posting for a while means that I have some catch-up to do, which isn’t my favorite thing. However, my lack of posting is evidence of the amazing, wonderful, and glorious week I had of doing nothing in particular.

We left for St. George Tuesday afternoon, were welcomed by glorious weather (a nice break from the crappy cold and rain that SLC had been experiencing for what seems like the 249023 days preceding our departure, as well as our entire absence), and enjoyed that lovely weather for our entire stay. YIPPY!

A few key and momentous things happened on this trip down South.

  • I wore sunscreen. Everyday! This is nothing short of a miracle, and I have to believe that it being Easter and all… let’s just say there is some divine intervention involved here. I’m pretty sure that there has never been a time when I haven’t gotten sunburnt. Think lobster.
  • My mom, Greg, niece and I visited Zions National Park on Wednesday. The entrance fee was waived for the week (yippy!), and it was really crowded (boo!), but it was a really nice excursion. I’ve only been to Zions once before, and it was when I was young, so my memory of it is very vague. Lame, seeing as I live in Utah. But it was perfect weather and the sights did not disappoint. It was beautiful!
  • Let me preface this by saying that I did not feed the animals (because there were signs stating that it was forbidden, and doing so would result in a $100 fine). I did, however, pet a few squirrels. They had obviously become very familiar and comfortable with humans, and some were pretty friendly. Which is why I picked one of them up. I put him down because my mom is a spaz and was worried that I was going to get bit and subsequently get rabies. I know better (mostly because I am a self-proclaimed animal whisperer), but decided to give in to my mother’s wishes because I am an obedient child. Anyway, the squirrel loved me and even when I put it down, he stuck around and let me pet him some more. We are now forever friends and I think he might come for a weekend visit. At the very least I’m sure he’ll send a postcard or email. I also picked up a really cool looking, iridescent green and blue beetle, who decided it would be cool to excrete some stinky liquid on my hands. I needed no prompting to put that jerk down.
  • Ebb and flow. Yin and yang. Marriage has its ups and downs. Now don’t get me wrong, there aren’t downs at home, but just like everyone else, we get into our routine, go with the flow, days run into each other, weeks feel the same as the previous and the next. But this little excursion sans children really gave us the time that we don’t normally get to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect. Greg golfed, I lounged, we swam, watched movies, ate, laughed, played games, swam some more, ate some more, etc. It was HEAVEN!
  • Even though our reign in a certain card game ended, we still had fun playing games each night with my family (my parents, sister & her family).
  • We ate out at least once per day, probably gained 10 lbs., and enjoyed every minute of it. I can testify that there IS good sushi in Southern Utah. Who knew!

We returned home last night to cooler weather, a weird smell in the kitchen, and car that is going on week 4 in the shop. We also came home to kids that missed us like crazy (it was really nice to have them in our arms again and under our care), my bdff (best dog forever friend) Jake, and getting back into the groove that I call my life.

I missed (sort of) not having the kids for Easter, doing all of our Easter traditions (although we did dye eggs with them the weekend before we left), and being without them for FIVE WHOLE DAYS. But I can honestly say that this was probably the best week I’ve ever had with just me and the hubby. Thanks for the good times :).

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2 Comments on “No Animals Were Harmed”

  1. erica Says:

    It’s so great that you guys had fun sans kids down in St. George! Although it sounds like that squirrel wanted very much to be adopted. 😉

    P.S. What is going on with your car? FOUR weeks in the shop?!?

  2. meggypoo Says:

    Maybe I shouldn’t so freely admit that it was a nice break, but I figure there are all of 2 to 3 days every month that I don’t have the kids, so I don’t feel too guilty :).

    That car… ugh! At least it’s being fixed under warranty. I’m just glad my parents have an extra car for us to use. I have faith that one day we’ll get the car back, and the next day I’m listing it 🙂

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