A Great Idea

This whole “brain switch” idea that I’ve got is  one of my best.

I am so incredibly tired because my stupid brain kept thinking last night and kept me awake. I kept going over all of the things that I’ve got to get done in the next month, and that list… it ain’t pretty. It would have been nice to be able to flip a switch and shut ‘er down for a few hours.

In some ways I’m excited, because I love a good project. That is until the moment I am too deep in it to turn back and there is no choice but to move ahead, all while I’m moments away from mental and/or physical collapse. FUN!

As I’ve mentioned before (I think), I’m throwing a couples baby shower for a friend of mine in about a month. In some ways it’s nice to have some pressure on me; it’s forcing me to create a TO DO list with a fairly tight time line. In preparing for this shower, I’m going to have my yard completely cleaned up and planted in a month, and that’ll give me more time to play this summer.

I’ve got to: Stain the fence, finish boarders around the window wells, rake and weed all of the flower beds, buy and spread shredded bark in the beds, plant the annuals in the beds and pots, plant my garden, redo the sprinkling main (dread), clean out and set up the fountain, build a bike rack, revamp our outdoor furniture situation, clean the perimeter of the house, rip out concrete boarders along a fence & lay sod, do SOMETHING with the weird planting spots at the front of our property, fix our perpetually broken mail box (or at least replace it), etc. Blah blah blah.

Needless to say I will probably spend the next month covered in dirt and sweat, and hunched over as a result of abusing my back. In spite of my impending physical deformities, I’m actually looking forward to checking these things off of my list and enjoying the fruits of my labor. I must secretly LOVE projects because I keep doing them. And sitting back to look at the result of hard work is always a plus.

Any fun/cool/horrific projects in your queue?

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