Geriatricly Awesome

A few months ago my uncle asked me for a favor. He wanted me to watch his 11-year-old yellow lab for 3 weeks while he and his wife traveled to India. Not only do I love this particular uncle simply because he is an awesome guy, but I feel indebted to him for some really great things he’s done for me. Saying no was not an option.

When he dropped Lucy off at the end of April, it started off a little shaky. Lucy was a little possessive of toys… Jake’s toys… and was feeling a little insecure about this new situation. Not only did she not know us, but she’s old. Old as in limps and walks pretty slow.

Fast forward a few days and she and Jake became fast friends. It was so fun watching them wrestle and play, and I know that Jake loved the canine company. And our kids loved her, and she was wonderful with them.


When my uncle came to pick Lucy up this afternoon, he commented on how “engaged” & “frisky” Lucy seemed, and said it had been years since he’d seen her like that. Even though at the end of each day she pretty much collapsed because she’d played so hard, and could barely walk, I know she had a blast staying with us. I was happy that there was a noticeable change in her demeanor. At the beginning I was concerned that heaven forbid she would die while we were watching her. I mean hell, she’s OLD. But to have her not only survive but thrive… it was a great feeling.

Lucy has only been gone 8 hours, but I miss her already. She is such a sweet and fun dog, and she fit in perfectly with our family. I would have happily kept her longer… say forever. Luckily my uncle travels some, so I am confident that we’ll be seeing her again. And having her around has made me think… maybe it’s time for another dog?

And then again, maybe not.

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One Comment on “Geriatricly Awesome”

  1. The more the merrier! Dogs are great for each other as well as for us. It looks like these two had a great time together. I bet Jake is missing her a great deal. Pups are such great members of the family.

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