It’s Gotta Go Wednesday

While at the U2 concert last night, I had a great idea for today’s post. In fact, it was quite profound and deeply spiritual. I remember telling myself not to forget the subject and details of what I should write. That was SO 10 hours ago, and the idea has escaped my brain. How unfortunate. I’m sure this one will be equally life-changing.

Last week my twins class put on the annual 2nd grade performance of The Ugly Duckling. All of the kids did a great job, and the parent turn out was amazing. That’s the thing about stuff at our school… tons of people come out to support. And that’s great!

Not so great are the parents who seem to have no idea, or just don’t care, about OTHER parents who are trying to watch, take pictures, or film their own children.


This lady was great. I really appreciated how she didn’t stand up in the middle of the performance to video her own child. Having her tripod and video camera about 2 feet about the audiences heads, and subsequently blocking my view of MY children… not so great.

It was the same story with this gentleman:

I’m not sure when this new technique started. The one where you just sit in your seat and then telescope your tripod up so your camera is held a few feet above the crowds heads. I get wanting to capture the image of your child on film on a day such as this. How about you stand to the side of the auditorium so that the rest of us can do the same! Being an idiot with a camera… it’s gotta go.

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