Slaughter House

Look at that face. Doesn’t she look sweet? Innocent? Like an angel straight from heaven?

She is an angel all right.. the angel of DEATH! But only if you happen to have a beak and feathers. If you’re human or a dog, she’ll be your best friend. She’s like Dexter covered in fur.

The birds are back from their winter vacations, and those who happen to venture into our yard do so at their own risk. Robins are the meal of choice, but she won’t turn down any meal. Last week marked our first casualty, and if this summer is anything like the last, we’ll have an average of 4 bird corpses in our yard per week. Although I must say, Phoebe doesn’t waste much. A leg here, a few feathers there, but otherwise there isn’t much evidence of a birds demise.

All Aves, beware. I will do my best to thwart her killing activities, but the circle of life is in full force at the Nickel home.

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3 Comments on “Slaughter House”

  1. Piper Says:

    YIPES!!!!! 🙂

  2. Matt Says:

    I like cats that aren’t pusses.

  3. erica Says:

    Ugh, I found a bird corpse in our yard a few days ago. Stan wouldn’t go near it. Lucky for him I’m woman enough to get rid of it. Disgusting.

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