It’s Gotta Go Wedsnesday

Yesterday while I was busy minding my own business and doing some work stuff on my computer, I heard the doorbell ring which was followed by loud pounding on the door. After pulling my savage, barking dog away, I opened the door to two, angelic looking young women. The second I saw them I knew 3 things. 1) They were selling something. 2) The “goods” they were pushing was books. 3) I wasn’t buying.

The reason I knew this is years ago, the same thing happened, and it was eerily familiar. Foreign, young, fairly pretty girls selling these lovely “tutoring”/school books. With THAT girl it took me 30 minutes to get her off of my porch. I guess she was good at her job seeing as it took me that long to get rid of her, but I almost had to call the cops. She tried every tactic in the book, including:

  • I’m a poor foreign student just trying to make my way in this country.
  • If I don’t sell xxx number of books, I’ll probably die or be sold into prostitution.
  • These books are the best books in the world and your children might as well start flipping burgers if you don’t buy them.
  • How can you call yourself a mother if you don’t buy these awesome books?
  • It’s really hot out here… could I just get a drink of water?

After looking at the books, hearing the price, trying to close the door just to have her pull it open, and getting her a stupid drink of water, I finally shut the door in her face, ignoring her appendages that may or may not still be in the way.

I am so not confrontational (I can be quite a wimp, actually), that anytime a salesman comes to the door, I make Greg answer it or if he’s not home, I crawl past the window on my hands and knees so that they don’t know anyone is home. This time I got suckered into opening the door because I was expecting someone. Grrrr.

Yesterday I was nice, but very clear from the moment that I opened the door that there was no way in hell that I was buying anything. She tried to engage me in conversation by asking me my name, how many kids I have, about the neighborhood, about motherhood, etc. Then she slyly pulled out a book. She tried to show it to me, and I looked her straight in the eye and said, “there is really no point in me looking at it because there is nothing you can do or say, I will not buy it”. I must have looked pretty serious because she put the book away and went on her merry way.

I always feel bad telling people “no” when they come a’ knocking, which is something the Mr. doesn’t really understand. I know that I have a right to slam the door in their face, but I still see them as human beings (albeit human beings that I want to punch in the face). But more than feeling bad, I am mad that I am put in an uncomfortable position IN MY OWN HOME! This is my sanctuary, and to have it invaded pisses me off. Phone solicitation is bad enough (which is why I never answer the home phone and don’t answer calls to my cell phone if I don’t recognize the number), but having an unsolicited solicitor… a STRANGER… come to my door and get all up in my grill, to me it’s seriously violating.

Since this incident I’ve been thinking about what I will do or say the next time around, and I’ve decided that it’s time to re-do my “no soliciting” sign on the door. If they still knock after seeing that, I don’t feel so bad about being a jerk.

A word of wisdom to those who are interested in selling me something… Don’t.

People who come to my home uninvited, especially those trying to push their crap that I don’t need… it’s gotta go!

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One Comment on “It’s Gotta Go Wedsnesday”

  1. Matt Says:

    I’m still waiting for my postcard from the kid I bought a Rollingstone subscription from. From his pitch I thought that we would be BFF’s.

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