It’s Gotta Go Wednesday

I may offend a few with this post, and I care. I really do, it’s just super deep down inside. In fact it’s so deep that it’s in a place that I can’t really feel it.

ANYWAY, on to this Wednesdays rant.

When I go to a fast food drive up window (which rarely happens these days, but every now and again I do it for my kids), I have this crazy expectation that I will actually be able to understand and be understood by the person on the other end of the intercom.

Oh stop… get off of your politically correct horse and quit crying. I have nothing against those from other countries OR the languages they speak. I do, however, think that in the United States, where English is still (I think) the first language, when in a customer service position, ESPECIALLY when 80% of your job is listening to and speaking with the customer, speaking English, even if it’s just enough to get you through, is kind of an important skill.

When I was in France, I spoke French. Really bad French, but French nonetheless. I didn’t expect the natives of Paris to speak MY language. And when I was in Mexico, I pretty much didn’t say much at all because, well, I don’t speak Spanish. But I DID let those I was with who COULD speak Spanish talk with the locals. And they spoke Spanish because, well, that’s the primary language spoken in Mexico.

I don’t want to debate you on the issues surrounding immigrants, tolerance, same-sex marriage, or why dogs are better than cats (or vice versa). It has nothing to do with people’s rights, respecting different cultures, or where you were born. I just want to order my kids some damn fries and a cheeseburger without pickles AND get what I ordered. Because HOLY HELL, if (insert evil child’s name here) has to eat pickles, or catsup, or whatever life ending item is mistakenly put on their burger, the world will blow up and we will ALL DIE! Or I will have to listen to them cry and moan, and that’s even worse than death.

All of this being said, my beef isn’t with the employee who doesn’t speak English. Like most people, especially in this crap economy, they are probably just trying to support themselves and their family like everyone else. My ancestors were immigrants, as were most who were born in the United States, and I love that there is diversity in this nation. Come one come all! Frankly, I think becoming a citizen should be more accessible and a quicker, simpler process, but that’s an entirely different post. My issue is with the manager/owner that felt it was a good idea for any employee who cannot communicate effectively with a customer, whether because of a language difference OR because the person is a big jerk with a crappy attitude, to hold that particular position.

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One Comment on “It’s Gotta Go Wednesday”

  1. The Grunt Says:

    I like it when they assign the employee with the poorest English skills the pickup window. They just grin stupidly the whole time.

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