It’s Gotta Go Wednesday

In a world of billions of people, I get wanting to be an individual. Wanting to stand out from the masses and be original is nothing to be ashamed of or apologize for.

However, when you have a personalized license plate that states “BOY TOY”, like the one I just saw on this car, well it does make a statement about you. That statement happens to be: I’m an idiot, and kind of a ho.

I especially like the diamond decal in the window. So, you’re a gold digging ho? Nice. I’m sure this gal is attracting some quality guys.

Personalized license plates are not my favorite, mostly because rarely are they every anything but moronic.

Advertising your lameness on your car… it’s gotta go.

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4 Comments on “It’s Gotta Go Wednesday”

  1. Piper Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAAA!!! I feel the same. Sometimes I find myself thinking, “Not only do I have to be stuck driving behind you, but I am also subject to your stupid opinions!”

  2. erica Says:

    Too funny!! Don’t forget the guys that have giant pick-ups with tennis balls in socks swinging from the hitch. Really, what kind of guy has to advertise their manhood like that?

  3. meggypoo Says:

    Ha! I think it’s the kind of guy who doesn’t have much manhood at all and is trying to compensate 😉

  4. Matt Says:

    I’ve always wanted a personalized license plate, but with some random word that I pull out of my ass, like “dinner” or “wigwam”.

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