Flashback approximately 11 years ago. I was watching VH1 in my downtown apartment (you youngens may not know this, but MTV & VH1 actually used to play music videos. Go figure), and my life changed forever that night. OK, maybe not, but I saw what became one of my all time favorite videos.

I still love it!

That was when I was first introduced to the Foo Fighters. That video led to the purchase of the first of my Foo Fighters albums, and 11 years and a few cds later, I’m still a fan. Greg loves them as well, so when we heard they were coming in concert, we were all over it.

Tuesday night the Foo Fighters rocked the E-Center… I mean Maverick Center. They were amazing and put on a fun, energetic, and incredibly loud show. Dave Grohl is not only an amazing musician, but he has an amazing sense of humor as well. Cage the Elephant opened the show, and unfortunately their drummer suffered a burst appendix earlier in the day. At first some guy in underwear (only) was the fill in, but for the last 4 songs, Dave Grohl sat in for the drummer and he was, as always, awesome. I hadn’t seen him drum since Nirvana, and at one point during the concert he talked about how it had been a very long time since he had played the drums in a big arena. For Cage the Elephant, Dave, and everyone at the concert, it was a pretty cool experience.

I may have some permanent hearing loss, but it was totally worth it, and this is one more thing to cross off my bucket list.


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One Comment on “ROCK ON”

  1. Matt Says:

    Cool! I missed out on that one. Dave Grohl is awesome and makes for one funny looking teeny-bopper girl.

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