My Aching Back!

How boring my life, and blog, would be if I didn’t have some physical ailment to complain about? What would I even talk about?

OK, to sum up, my back sucks. I’ve had back/neck issues for something like, oh, forever. It’s something I’ve gone to physical therapy for in the past, but just sort of accepted the fact that I’ve got a bad back. A year ago butt pain was added to the list of my back issues. OK, not exactly butt, but tailbone. It didn’t hurt to the touch, there was no injury to explain it, so everyone was confused as to the why it hurt and how to treat it.

The symptoms went something like this: I’d sit down on a chair, and if I sat for more than 20 minutes or so, my tailbone started to hurt, and at the point when I tried to stand up, it became insanely painful. A few months ago the pain started to radiate down my butt/hip through my thigh.

I sucked it up and mentioned it to my orthopedic surgeon, who referred me to a Physiatrist. After a million x-rays and an MRI, looks like I have something called spondylolisthesis (say it fast five times) as well as a couple of bulging disks, as well as general good ole’ sciatica. Awesome!

Treatment: A serious of steroid injections in my spine and physical therapy. The first day and night after my first injection (this past Wednesday) was HORRIBLE. Horrible in that there was absolutely no relief I could get… no position that felt better and there was no getting comfortable. It sucked. But by the next morning not only was this new pain gone, but my old back pain was almost unnoticeable. Yahoo!

Leave it to me that very day to fall down the stairs while carrying laundry. So now I have an entirely NEW injury. The good news is I think I’m just bruised, both my body and ego. Seriously, falling down the stairs? I never fall down!  Other than this spastic event, I’m excited by what it seems these injections have done, and the prospect of having a less painful existence is pretty exciting. What an awesome thing medicine and medical technology is!

I’m left to wonder what new trick my body will play on me next, but will appreciate the time I have of not having to sit on a doughnut while playing board games. Nobody looks cool sitting on a butt pad.


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3 Comments on “My Aching Back!”

  1. erica Says:

    Good grief! I’m glad the treatments are working, but I’m so sorry to hear you fell down the stairs! I did that too a few years ago. And yeah, my ego was bruised as much as my left leg. 😉 Hope you heal quickly!

  2. meggypoo Says:

    It’s typically Greg’s job to do something spastic… I guess he needed a day off :).

  3. piper Says:

    I had that same exact tailbone issue when I was pregnant with Cannon! I had to sit on a donut! It worked though! Also, check out some stretches for your Psoas muscle. It’s in the front, but it can add to the issue. Good luck! xoxo

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