It’s Gotta Go Wednesday

OK, so maybe I didn’t deliver the promised anniversary post yesterday, but that just means that there is something SUPER exciting for tomorrow. Or Friday. Or sometime. Or never.

On to today.

There are so many things about Walmart that belongs in this weekly post, but I’m going to focus on one.

Don’t get me wrong, there may be equal parts of love as there is hate when it comes to the big W. They ofter goods at great prices and have a relatively large selection. Where else can you buy a beautiful gold crucifix AND oil for your lawnmower. But then there are the people… the ones who shop there. The ones who work there. And they are all pretty much idiots. Except for when I’m there. And when you’re there.

ANYWAY, in every Super Walmart that I’ve ever been in, there is an EXIT door, and and ENTER door. Easy enough, right? Then why does it never fail that someone is always coming the EXIT as I’m trying to leave. It doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to exit the real world and enter the store. NO. The EXIT door means you’re supposed to leave the store through that door. And it also means that people who are leaving the store are probably going to be going OUT of that door. Meaning, don’t go IN that door.

The thing I love most is that when I’m wheeling my crap out of the EXIT door, and someone is coming in, they always look annoyed, as if I am getting in THEIR way. No, dude (or lady dude, or mullet creepy hole in your pants he/she), let me stop my cart carrying 239048 lbs and get out of YOUR way. Because I would hate to slow you down while you’re getting your carton of smokes, Twinkies, and latest copy of The National Enquirer. I’m also dying to know what Bat Boy is up to.

Reading signs on doors, it’s not just for kids anymore. People, get a clue, learn to read and actually follow directions, cuz your ignorance has GOT to go.

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One Comment on “It’s Gotta Go Wednesday”

  1. matt Says:

    Clearly, this is something that the greeters should enforce.

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