Super Weekend!

Over the Christmas holiday, we kind of throw many of our rules to the wind. Bed times? Definitely not the 8 – 8:30 p.m. that we have during the school week. Healthy eating? Sometimes :). Homework and a fairly structured day? Not so much.

Even though the holidays are over, the kids have yet to accept that we’re back in the swing of things. Every weekend, they never fail to ask if they can stay up until well into the next day watching movies, eating popcorn, and giggling like a bunch of, well, kids. On the weekends, we meet somewhere in the middle. Yes, you can stay up late. No, you can’t watch another movie when it’s 11 p.m. No, I think the one glass of soda was enough.

Friday night the kids watched Real Steel, which they had all seen in the theater, but loved it so much that everyone was super excited when they saw that Greg had brought it home from RedBox. Emma spent the night at a friend’s house, and her brother (and Ian’s friend) came to our home. What a fun night!

Saturday was pretty busy with a basketball game and tons of laundry catch-up.

Sunday morning was when we all dug in. We had friends coming over for a Superbowl party, and there was a lot to get done around the house. The kids cleaned rooms and bathrooms, and Greg had a super fun time deep cleaning Alex & Emma’s room ;). The great thing about parties, other than the party itself, is that for a short period of time, my house is clean! Not just one room, or one floor. The WHOLE THING!

Our friend Emily brought home-made chilli (YUM!), and with the buffalo dip, 7-layer dip, chips, drinks, and treats, everyone stuffed themselves silly and made a huge dent in our smorgasbord. Greg is such a great dad, always thinking of new things to entertain the kids. Before the game, he bought a bunch of $1 prizes at Target. He then created a questionnaire/prediction sheet, and gave prizes throughout the game to kids who guessed various aspect of the game. Regardless of the outcome, all of the kids ended up getting prizes, and I think it was a great way to get them to watch and cheer for the game.

Of course everyone loved the commercials, which is the REAL reason we all watch the Superbowl, right? I think the favorite of the kids was the Ferris Bueller inspired Honda one, and I really laughed at the Sandman one :).

The only buzz-kill was the news about Josh Powell and how he murdered… yes, MURDERED, his children that afternoon. There has been a pit in my stomach ever since hearing the news, and it makes me absolutely sick. Those poor kids. I try to keep this a family friendly blog, but I have some thoughts about J.P., and my “wishes” for him. Yeah.

OK, back to happy.

It was a great weekend. Much was accomplished, and there was tons of fun to be had. Sometimes the mere volume of people in our home can get a little overwhelming, noisy, and crazy. But for the most part, everyone plays together so well, and there is a playmate for everyone! The chaos is well worth the rewards.

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One Comment on “Super Weekend!”

  1. erica Says:

    How fun! You guys sure know how to entertain – we know where the party is for next year! 🙂

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