It’s Gotta Go Wednesday

The problem with people who are “luke warm” and can often argue either side is that we sometimes don’t PICK a side. When it comes to politics, sometimes I lean more to the conservative side, other times I’m more liberal. It very much depends on the subject (and whether I watched Fox News or Jon Stewart more recently).

But here’s something I feel pretty certain about… the rampant stupidity of subjects being debated in the political arena makes me want to hit my head against a wall. Or hit someone elses head against it.

With the very grim situation our country is in financially, how is it that we are debating contraception? Really? For those in the political media, calling a woman a slut because she is fighting for her right to have contraception covered by insurance just makes you look like a bigger idiot than everyone already thinks you are, and hurts your cause rather than gets people to back you. It also proves that contraception IS necessary (and should have been used by your mother).

99% of women in the United States have used birth control at some time. It’s not a religious, political, or social issue. It’s a personal issue which has absolutely NO PLACE being debated anywhere but in the home. I don’t care if you are religious or not, if you believe contraception is wrong or the best thing ever created, or if you’re single or married. It is no one’s business. It’s OK if you disagree with me… come on over and I’ll punch you in the baby-maker.

And frankly, with the current economic issues, not only for our country as a whole but for individual families, I think a baby boom is probably not the best course of action. I don’t have any figures, but I’d be willing to bet my uterus that contraception is a whole helluva lot cheaper for insurance companies, the government, and individuals than having a baby. Politicians men, stay out of my vagina and I won’t mention the Viagra you just had prescribed and covered for your erectile dysfunction.

The bigger picture for me is this… why are we allowing discussions about subject that are so peripheral to the REAL problems? Kids, we’ve got bigger fish to fry than worrying about this stupid crap. Taking a stand on subjects that just make you look like a total D.B., it’s gotta go.

This has been brought to you by me, my 15+ years using contraceptives, and my now (thankfully) sterilized and barren womb.


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