California Dreamin’

Last Thursday as we boarded the plane for Santa Barbara, I felt the weight of responsibility lift a little. Leaving for vacation without kids can be tricky… there is a lot of juggling and planning involved about who’s going to watch them, take them to school, and make sure they survive. But after everything is arranged, getting away for a weekend with the hubby was a long time coming and definitely needed.

I’ll post some photos later this week, but Santa Barbara was absolutely beautiful! The weather was nice, the beaches amazing, and the sights interesting.

We spent most of Friday in Solvang, which is about a 45 min. drive from S.B. My aunt Kathy lives there and owns a small book store. I have loved this little town since I was a girl, and I was excited for Greg to experience it as well. I think that he enjoyed it (especially the wine tasting).

Friday evening we met for what really was the purpose of the trip… the annual foundation meeting of which I’m on the board. Originally we had planned to break up the meeting and have it go Friday and Saturday night, but we pushed through and got it all done on Friday, which was nice because it freed up the net night.

Once again the organization that is near and dear to my heart is the one that I brought a proposal for, and… we got the $!!! It’s my last year on the board, and very well be my last chance to bring in some serious cash for this group, so I was thrilled that I got the full amount I was hoping for! I’m grateful for the opportunity to have served with my family members on the foundation board, and also thankful that I can be a part of “my” charity that helps families of autistic kids. Great cause!

I don’t love traveling (TSA will definitely be the topic of tomorrows post), but getting to spend 4 days with the Mr. and my family in a beautiful town in a great little beach-side Inn… totally worth it.

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