It’s Gotta Go Wednesday

I’ve posted about TSA before. But on a personal note, I’m sure glad I got scanned, patted down, AND my bag searched. I felt pretty special being picked out of all of the other people, but I guess I had a “I’m going to kill today!” look on my face. I felt a little better when on the return home, my cousin AND my mother got the same treatment.

What was very enlightening is hearing from a family member who works at the airport what pilots and other people on the inside think about TSA. It’s a bunch of bull#*&$. But I guess it keeps a bunch of people who failed at being in law enforcement, then night time security work, as well as fry cooks, some form of employment.

I do not believe that TSA keeps us safe with the current protocol. In fact, I think it’s gotta go.

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