It’s Time To Par-TA

This year Ian decided to have his friend party at Planet Play… a place that is similar to Boondocks or Classic Skating. I helped “encourage” him to pick this place because KSL had an amazing deal, which saved us about 70%. AWESOME!

I’ve never had every kid invited to a party show up, so this was a first. Eight 12 year old boys was an experience to say the least. The nice part is that the kids were old enough that we didn’t have to have our eyes on them at all times, and they were able to just sort of run around and do their thing.

Poor Ian wasn’t feeling well about an hour before his party began. We took all of our kids to Beauty and the Beast earlier that afternoon, so it had been a pretty busy day. He threw up when we got to P.P., but after that he seemed to feel better. However, he promptly ran into one of the arcade machines, and this was the result:


Good times. Luckily he laughed it off, and it didn’t require stitches :).

The boys played a game of laser tag, and took a turn around the track on the go-carts, which only resulted in a little whiplash:


They ended the evening by spending the $15 each had on their game cards playing the arcade games and picking out really lame cool prizes with the tickets they won. Shockingly (NOT), they all chose big inflatable hammers and proceeded to beat each other over the heads with them.

Prepubescent boys are pretty much all crazy, but I think they all had a great time, and that’s really all that matters.

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