The Results Are In

Last Friday I had a dr. appointment with my primary care physician to do some blood work to make sure my dose on a medication was where it should be (it’s something I have to have done every year). ANYWAY, this appointment reminded me that while I don’t enjoy going any dr. appointment, I happen to love my doctor.

The reasons why are endless. OK, there are least a handful. First of all, I almost never have to wait. He is the only physician in the practice, and they are excellent about not over-scheduling him. I usually wait 1-3 minutes in the waiting room, and then always less than 3-4 minutes in the exam room. Friday, I got there at 10:30, and left his office at 10:48. He doesn’t rush through that appointment… he takes his time, asks the right questions, answers all of my questions, and throws a few jokes in there. I really like his personality as well. He is warm and caring without being cheesy or sappy. He’s also very empathetic and I never feel judged or uncomfortable. Last but not least, I think he is really knowledgeable, and as a doctor, he really knows what he’s talking about.

He doesn’t always wait for me to share a symptom or complaint. He takes the initiative. A few years ago he had my Vitamin D tested, and I found out it was incredibly low, and started me on supplements to get my levels up. He had me get a booster for whooping cough this last visit because there have been outbreaks in Utah (although that may make my Wednesday post). I don’t feel like one of thousands of patients when I go into his office… he knows me, remembers my medical history, and follows up with things that have been an issue in the past. In short, my doctor rocks!


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