It’s Gotta Go Wednesday

I’m not trying to pick on this certain chain of stores, but Walmart has done it again.

Last night before a get together with friends, I went to my local Walmart store to return something that I had purchased online. Simple enough, right?

When I approached the guest services counter, the guy behind the register took one look at the receipt and said he had never done one of these returns before. He tried multiple times, beads of sweat dripping down his face as more and more time passed. He called over another checker to assist him. No luck. At that point, the front end manager came over, and gave it her best shot.

I tried to be helpful by offering different options, such as just giving me store credit as I needed some other items. Or just doing a return without using my receipt, which they’ve done in the past. After about 10 minutes, he told me to just go get the stuff I needed and then we’d try again.

When I returned, of course there was a line in front of me. Once I finally got up to the counter, the process started all over again. He kept trying to scan all of the bar codes on the receipt (there were 3). I then suggested that maybe it was the bar code on the item I was trying to return that the computer wanted.

YES! That was it. But at that point, he had no idea what to do from there. SO, another manager, some more advice from me, and more profuse sweating ensued. FINALLY, after 20 minutes, I had returned my $13 item, paid the extra $5 balance on the new items I was getting, and I was out the door.

Maybe it’s just me, but I kind of feel like teaching a cashier in the returns department how to actually perform a return might just be something important. A customer having more common sense and telling a cashier how to do their job… it’s gotta go.

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One Comment on “It’s Gotta Go Wednesday”

  1. grunt Says:

    You should try returning something at O’Reilly’s auto parts sometime.

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