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Have you ever found yourself at the end of a week and it’s all kind of a blur? That’s how this last week felt for me. The internal dialogue does something like, “what just happened?”. Maybe it was because my brain became mush after last weekend.

What a nice few days of relaxing! The girls hung out by the pool, and the boys joined us each day after golfing. Lots of food, games, and it was great getting together with a friend of mine who lives down south who I hadn’t seen in years. These are just a few of the highlights. It was a much needed break from the “grind”.

Both the kids and I are ready for school to come to an end (although if you ask me a month from today, I’m sure I’ll be counting down the days when it’s back in session). Not having homework, projects, the morning rush to get everyone up and ready for school, and early bedtimes sounds pretty good to me right now. We’ve got some fun family activities planned for the next month and I’m eager to have some fun with the kiddies.

I’ve got a deal scheduled to close next week (YIPPY), and so getting everything in order to make sure that happens almost made my head explode yesterday. That being said, it’s so worth it.

Today on the menu: We have GOT to get our garden in, or else it’s going to be too late. I’m pretty sure Greg is super excited to till. But the thought of not having endless fresh tomatoes to pick on a whim is sad. Being able to cut my own fresh cilantro, basil, or parsley is SO nice, and cooking with food and herbs you’ve grown yourself makes everything taste that much better.

Tomorrow we’re heading up to the Park City area to spend the night at a cabin (the one I helped a client buy last fall/winter), and it’ll be nice to spend the evening with friends (and dogs).

That’s my world… what’s happening in yours?

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One Comment on “Things and Stuff”

  1. grunt Says:

    I ventured out into the rain and decorated graves today.

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