Let The Carnage Begin

Warmer temperatures, all of the wonderful colors that only nature can display, the scent of BBQ’s in the air… these are all things that tell me summer is at the doorstep.

That and the carnage on my lawn.

This past weekend was the first of what will be many feathery slaughters. It all started with a robin, and just a few minutes ago the cutest baby quail became the second victim of our summer holocaust. Ugh!

Pheobe is probably the sweetest cat I’ve ever known. So how can this ball of love and cuddles be such a killer! OK, she’s a cat, and killing birds is what cats do, but it doesn’t make it easier for me to stomach. She has TWO full bowls of fresh food, so why in the hell is she resorting to this violence? She’s the feline version of Jack the Ripper.

I don’t put bird seed out anymore in an attempt to not attract my flying friends, but she finds them just the same. This isn’t new to me. It’s something she’s done every year.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I LOVE summer. Love love love! And if the occasional bloodbath is part of the deal, I’ll take it. But I’ve got to do something to at least attempt to save a few bird lives this year. I think I’ll head to the pet store to get a bell for her collar in the hopes that it will give the birds a fighting chance. In the meantime, I think I’m going to change her name to Dexter.

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One Comment on “Let The Carnage Begin”

  1. grunt Says:

    I like cats that kill stuff. I like watching them stalk. I don’t like cats who think my feet are “prey”.

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