Forgive me for not posting on Thursday as promised. OK, I didn’t really PROMISE, but I said I would, and I didn’t. I was waiting for some pictures to go along with my post… still waiting, so I figure it’s better to trudge ahead without instead of get even further behind.

I mentioned that I was one proud mama. Proud because Tuesday and Wednesday, after receiving all of the kids report cards, it’s evident that we’ve got some smart kiddos. Everyone did awesome! A big thumbs up to Emma, who got straight A’s ALL YEAR!

Riley also got straight A’s, and the other 3 kiddos ALMOST got there… all A’s but except for 1 B. Grandpa Jimbo pays for A’s, and came over Thursday afternoon to reward the kids for their sheer awesomeness.

When I became a mother 12 years ago, the thought of having a child in Jr. High seemed so far into the future that it didn’t seem real. Wednesday morning at Ian’s 6th grade “Celebration”, I can’t believe how fast those 12 years have gone by. JR. HIGH! I can’t believe it.

Lately I’m struggling trying to figure out what is right or appropriate when it comes to a kid who is turning into a young man. I can feel Ian approaching these apron strings with some seriously sharp scissors. In some ways I’m excited for him. Wanting to spend time with his friends and being more independent is what’s supposed to happen, right? But finding the balance between being a smart, responsible, and cautious mom AND letting my kid grow up is weird. I’m sure I’ll figure it out at some point. Until then, hopefully I won’t smother my child too much!

We’re enjoying these first few days without school, and kicked it off with a camping trip this weekend (which I’ll detail more at a later date). I have a lovely cold which decided to join my sinuses and lungs the day after school got out, but I’m determined to enjoy this week regardless.


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