My sister and her kids are in town for the next couple of weeks. Since she is the only one currently living out of state, we really try to make the most of it when they come into town once a year and get all of the cousins together.

Today we made A LOT of it :). Early this afternoon we headed south to Orem to hit Hang Time, which is a warehouse that is pretty much covered with trampolines. The kids had an absolute blast, and it was organized chaos at it’s best. I was so impressed with all of the tricks that the kids preformed. And watching the big dodge ball fights… hilarious! I even kicked off my flip flops and performed a few flips of my own. The flips were easy, climbing out of the pits of foam…. not so much.

Here are just a few of the photos (the majority were taken on my sister’s camera, so I’ll at her mercy as to when I’ll get those).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After all of that jumping, the kids were totally beat… Jumping around is a lot of work! After stopping to get a quick drink, it was time to head to our next destination… Planet Play near my home. We armed the kids with individual cards, each containing $15 for them to use for games as well as 2 activities. It’s so funny to see how differently the kids use their card. Some were out of money within an hour. Some still had $10 when it was nearly time to leave. Everyone managed to spend all of their money, earn tickets, and were rewarded with the super awesome prizes found at these types of places.

We also ate dinner at P.P. It’s not the best food I’ve ever eaten, but it’s not bad, and with the deal we got, it was perfect for our large group.

Before ending the evening, of course a few sleep overs had to be arranged. Ian is spending a few days with his cousins in Logan, and Charlotte (my sister in law) kindly stopped by our house so that he could pack a bag. While we were there, the kids AND Charlotte wanted me to get Sammy (our almost 6-foot python) out so they could hold him. All of the kids had a turn, and as always, Sammy was a perfect gentleman.

You may not remember, but a few years back my cute niece Lizzy was bit by a rattlesnake. You can read about it here, here and here. It was serious and very scary. Luckily she survived and there have been no lasting physical effects. But I’ve always wondered about how she would be affected mentally and emotionally. This picture should give you an idea:

I LOVE how resilient kids are.

We’ve still got quite a few plans for the rest of the week. I know that the kids will have so much fun spending time with their cousins, and I am pretty sure I will survive :).

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