It’s Gotta Go Wednesday

During the summertime, I’m all about going barefoot. You’ll find me without shoes in and out… At least inside my home and out in my own yard.

It’s a different story out in public, where I always wear shoes. A rule of thumb: I think that people should wear shoes in public places. I guess I’m old school like that.

Today I took the kids to Target so that they could spend some of the money they got for their grades. While there, I let them stop at the food court for some lunch.

Another family walked in behind us. Four kids, eight little feet, and nary a shoe to be found.

Not only do I find it gross for patrons, but I think its even more gross for the kids! Ringworm, glass, dog poo… things I’m sure can be found on any store floor. It’s not safe or hygienic for anyone. Plus, why would you want the gross germs of the general public breeding on your body?!

Parents: you can be a hippie, laid back, or too cool for school. But please, for the love of all that is holy, please don’t take your kids out in public without shoes. Cuz being barefoot where food is sold or served… It’s gotta go.

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