The Coop

No, not a car. My kid.

A few weeks ago, Cooper had kind of a rough day. The produce drawer in our refrigerator was having some trouble, meaning that it was falling apart. Unlucky Coop was the one who finally broke it.

And then later that day, an unlucky little tea cup that was part of a cool little set from China that I got from my deceased grandma had a run in with Cooper.

I was frustrated with him, and about 10 minutes after I let him know I wasn’t happy, I got this note plus a $10 bill:

Dear Mom   Sorry for breaking your stuff. I don’t mean to is there anything I can do? I’ll buy you some glue.  *heart* Cooper.”

Cooper really takes everything to heart, which can be both good and bad. While sometimes he takes things a little to personally and can be pretty sensitive, he also takes responsibility for his actions and genuinely feels bad about his mistakes. And he wants to make things right.

And no, I didn’t take the $10.

It was my pleasure to take him out for our date night last week, where we hit T.G.I.F.’s for dinner (one of his favorite places to eat) and then went bowling. I love this kid!

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