I Love Me Some Ladies

MY ladies that is. Last Thursday me and a couple of my “girls” packed our bikinis, maxi dresses, flip flops, and headed out of town. This year for our girls trip we decided to stick a little closer to home and go to my parents vacation home in St. George.

Yes, that seems to be the go-to place for my family and friends. But there is something uber relaxing and carefree about staying in a home rather than a hotel. I love having a large area to spread out, cook for ourselves if we want, and lounge around. AND, the topless sunbathing would have been impossible (without being arrested) anywhere public.

The weather was amazing, albeit hot. But that heat meant the pool was naturally the PERFECT temperature. Cool enough to be refreshing, but warm enough that we comfortably spent hours in the water.

We only had 2 full days, so we spent most of them soaking up the sun and swimming when it was light. And we spent the nights going out to dinner followed by some serious Olympics watching and girl talk. We stayed up until between 3 and 4 a.m. each night. I still haven’t recovered :). But we get to spend that kind of time with each other so infrequently that when we get together, there is never a lull in the conversation. All 3 nights I ended up having to kick everyone out of my room so I could sleep.

I wish we had taken more photos, but we were too busy having fun and being lazier than humanly possible. But here are a few that I did take with my iPad ***DISCLAIMER*** Yes, there might be a risque one, but I was given special permission to post it. AND, I placed a “modesty patch”, so keep your panties on. To give you a real picture of what my weekend consisted, it’s necessary.

Image  Image

Needless to say, it was a wonderful trip with my friends. I know I’ve said it before, but I’m so very grateful to have such a great support system around me. I’m blessed by amazing friends and family. I can’t wait until next year!


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