Holy 10!

Turning 10 is an epidemic in our house these days. Today is Alex’s 10th b-day, and I think I’ve almost recovered from back-to-back birthday parties. It’s hard work putting these things on, but it’s so worth it. The kids love seeing their family and feeling the love and support of everyone. And then of course there are the gifts.

Alex really struck gold this b-day. Lots of cute clothes, accessories, her first “real” make-up, a huge Justin Bieber cut-out (don’t ask, but she loves it), $ and more. I think she was really happy with all of her gifts.

I feel very lucky to have Alex as a daughter. She can seem quiet or shy, but at home she can talk talk talk. I enjoy the days/nights when she comes into my room and tells me all about what’s going on with her, her dreams, her fears, her likes and her frustrations. Our family wouldn’t be the same without this chica!

Happy Birthday Alex!

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One Comment on “Holy 10!”

  1. Piper Says:

    WOW! TEN! Happy Birthday, Alex!

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