Fun Week Ahead. NOT.

About a week before the twins b-day, I took Emma in to the dr. because of a fever and sore throat. The rapid strep test came back negative, so I thought we were in the clear. But the next day I got the call from the nurse that let me know Emma DID have strep. Again. So a course of anti-biotics should have cleared it up, right?

The day before the twins b-day, Cooper got sick. Since I had their 10-year old well child check-up scheduled for the day after their b-day, I held off taking him in. Maybe it was a mistake, seeing as he had strep as well. And to top it off, Emma STILL had strep. Dr. Ring, my most favorite pediatrician in all of the world, said it was time to get those suckers out. She gave me the name of her most trusted ENT, and yesterday we had our first visit.

Before we went in, I looked at my schedule for the next 4 months to try to figure out when the best time to schedule a surgery would be. A time when the kids wouldn’t miss tons of school. I was thinking it would be Labor Day or maybe UEA. I thought about how it would have been ideal to have planned it over the summer, but it was not meant to be, right?

The ENT looked down the throats of both kids and said that they both had “Cryptic Tonsils”. It all sounded pretty cryptic to me, until I Googled it. Yep, sounds like my kids. That with the 6+ strep throat diagnosis’s that we’ve had this year is what, I believe, led the ENT to state that he wanted those tonsils out ASAP.

And by ASAP, I mean it’s happening on Friday. Typically I’ve been given time to prepare me and my family before a surgery (usually my own), both physically and mentally, but this is fast! Luckily my parents rock and have let me know that they will be at my disposal for the entire day. I just need to stock up on ice cream, yogurt, eggs, Popsicles, and get ready to play nurse for the next week.

I had my tonsils out when I was 17, and it was horrible… a fact that I’m not completely revealing to my kids. They are younger than I was when I got mine out, and supposedly it’s more painful the older you are. I’m hoping that they’ll get through it all without too much pain.

I keep telling myself that they will be fine and that this is a simple surgery. However, I’m still feeling uneasy about it. Because I’m pretty much a dr. without any formal education (I watch a lot of Discovery Health), I know there are risks anytime a person goes under anesthesia or has any invasive surgery. And because I am their mother and I love them more than anything else in this whole damn world, I’m nervous. But deep down I believe they’ll be OK, and that this will finally end our many trips to the doctor.

Keep your fingers crossed for Emma & Cooper that they’ll have a successful surgery and a quick recovery. What a way to end a summer vacation!

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2 Comments on “Fun Week Ahead. NOT.”

  1. piper Says:

    Poor things! Let me know if you need anything! If you mix liquid Benadryl and Maaloxx half-and-half, it soothes their throat and helps them rest. Also, stock up on bubble gum! It makes more saliva, and they swallow more, and heal more quickly. Good luck!

  2. matt Says:

    Holy cow! I hope things went well.

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