Goodbye Forever

Last Friday we said goodbye to Emma & Cooper’s tonsils for forever. I can’t say that I will miss them, but if you were to ask the twins today if they regret getting them out, I’m pretty sure the answer would be a definite “YES!”. Maybe it’s the “this is the worst week of my life” that Cooper was able to squeak out this morning. Or it could be the too often tears that trickle down Emma’s cheeks because she’s in pain. But I’m pretty sure they aren’t quite seeing the silver lining yet.

There are some stories about surgery day that I was going to share, but honestly, I just don’t wanna because it’ll take to long. It was a really long day at the hospital, suffice it to say the kids made it through the surgery OK and are home where they belong.

There is one story I WILL share. Emma was the first to head into surgery. After she woke up and I was with her in post-op, she started asking about Cooper. Over and over again. She asked if he was out. She asked if he was OK. It was pretty dang cute and a little heart wrenching. Note… at Primary Children’s Hospital, they have two post-op rooms. One is a “right after surgery” room, where the child is waking up and they have 1-on-1 care from a nurse. They stay there for a little while and make sure their breathing and heart-rate are normal, as well as their pain under control. Anyway, while Emma was in the 2nd Post-Op room, I was told that Cooper was out of surgery and I could go see him. I left Emma with her Dad to go be with Cooper.

He was much more out of it than Emma was. He was totally out. But when he finally did wake up, he was in horrible pain. I guess I expected his experience to be like Emma’s… discomfort but not too much pain. But it took 2 doses of I.V. meds (something like morphine but safer for kids) before he was able to be moved next to her. Even through his pain, he was also asking about Emma. Was her surgery over? Was she OK?

I was so grateful they made the accommodations so they could be next to each other. As the nurse wheeled Cooper’s bed over to where Emma was laying, something I found incredibly sweet happened. Both of them were facing the other way, but anyone saying anything, it’s like they could feel each other. They turned to face each other, and both reached their hands through the bars of the their beds to touch each other.

I’m kicking myself for not having my camera ready, but it did happen again and I caught a part of it on video. Unfortunately I can’t upload the video, but it was very tender and very sweet.

Both kids are still struggling with pain management and spend most of their day miserable because they hurt, frustrated because they can’t eat what they want, and sleeping. And yesterday we had some bleeding issues. Ugh. I’m hoping that we will see some really good improvement and less pain in the days to come, and they that are healed and ready to start school next Monday.

I’ll leave you with these photos from the last 4 days. FUN TIMES!

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One Comment on “Goodbye Forever”

  1. piper Says:

    The poor things! I hope they will start to see that silver lining soon!

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