Making Our Own

When I was a little girl, the 10th birthday was a rite of passage. It meant we were old enough to enjoy (and behave) at one of the best restaurants around. It meant that my dad would take his daughters for a one-on-one date to La Caille.

If you’re not familiar with La Caille, might I suggest clicking on the above link to check it out. But in short, it’s fancy, expensive, and on amazingly beautiful grounds.

After some discussion, Greg and I decided to create a similar tradition. The difference is that we’re taking each kid (boys included) when they turn 12. We came up with this idea a little after Ian turned 12, and it only took us 5 months to actually see it through :). And about 3 weeks ago, we finally came through on our promise.

We looked over the menu and decided that Ian would most likely prefer the brunch menu. Plus, I wanted it to be earlier in the day with plenty of light so that we could check out the beautiful sights.

We wanted it to be a big deal for the kids, because it kind of is. So we all dressed up (at least more than we normally do), and picked Ian up from his dad’s one Sunday morning/afternoon. Ian had never experienced valet parking, and it was kind of funny to watch him wonder what he was supposed to do.

I had requested a table outside because I remember so fondly what happens when you eat outside. There is abundant wild life here, and my favorite are the peacocks walking around and they come right up to your table. I’m not sure what we spent more time doing… eating or feeding them. SO CUTE!

Greg and I ordered Eggs Benedict with a Petite Fillet Mignon, and Ian decided on Creme Brulee French Toast. SOOOO good! They also served caramel croissants, crepes with a grape/raisin compote, and finished the meal with a chocolate mousse. None of us could finish all of our food, but we made sure to save room so that we could taste everything.

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After our delicious meal, we walked around the expansive grounds. There are a number of little trails, streams, and we even saw a cute little bunny hopping around. I had such a fun afternoon with 2 of my boys, and I know it was something that Ian will never forget.

I can’t wait until our “triplets” turn 12 and we can share this experience with them.

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One Comment on “Making Our Own”

  1. erica Says:

    I’ve never been to La Caille, although it’s been a word in my vocabulary for as long as I can remember. Only fancy people went there. People with lots of money. I love that you and Greg took Ian! Maybe we can go there on our date? 😉

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