It’s Official

Remember that ambiguous part of my last post? The one where I talked about some possible changes? Well, it’s official, which means I can talk about it now.

About a month ago, I got a call from a friend, asking if I was interested in a possible position… one that she thought might offer some flexibility, but also be full time. That’s a big change going from a seasonal job that required 18 hours of office time per week as well as working from home. It’s been about 15 years since I worked full time in a “real” job. But there were still people she needed to talk to and get some facts straightened out.

A few weeks went by, and I really hadn’t thought much about it. I was busy with work and life, and I know my friend is always really busy with work and her own family. So last week when she called me, it kind of took me by surprise. She had talked to the VP and the other necessary people, and the possibility of a position became a reality.

I officially interviewed for the position Tuesday, got the official offer yesterday afternoon, and officially start today. Whoa! It’s all happening so fast! It’s both exciting and a little (lot) bit scary. I don’t really have a full grasp on what my job will actually entail. It’s one of those things that I will have to figure out as I go along. New software and systems, an industry in which I have no experience, and generally no clue what I’m doing or really what to expect. And this is no entry level position. How this all happened and how this landed in my lap is still a mystery to me. But my friend has faith in me, and I know that I’m a pretty quick study, so I’m trusting in myself that I’ll get the hang of it.

Things are going to be different for me in that I’ll have no Spring, Summer, or Fall breaks. However, there is something awesome about this job I’ve yet to mention.  I will spend the first couple of weeks going in daily for training (4-5 hrs per day), and after that I will be only going in a few times per week for a few hours, and the rest will be done from home. This kind of flexibility is unheard of for a full time position! PLUS, I will get benefits, like actual paid vacation and sick time… something that was not a part of my last job. I literally wasn’t able to leave town or go anywhere from December through March, which kinda sucked. And of course there is another upside to this new gig. Money. Having a job which gives me steady, year round income is pretty fab. Finally, having a college degree actually paid off for me. And while I’m a little ambivalent, this is a really great opportunity for me AND my family.

In my head, this is what I’ll look like at my new job:


The reality will probably look a lot more like this:


Guess it’s time to hit the shower and get ready for the rat race. Wish me luck, cuz I’m gonna need it.

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3 Comments on “It’s Official”

  1. Piper Says:


  2. Celeste Says:

    Congrats! That is awesome! Sounds like a great job and opportunity! Nice job!

  3. Matt Says:

    Right on!

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