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It’s Gotta Go Wednesday

October 19, 2011

Being on the board of a local organization means that I’m always looking for ways to help raise funds. The problem for us is that we are small beans, and unfortunately when it comes to fund-raising, it definitely takes money to make money.

Last night I was watching some lame reality t.v. They were showing the cast at a fundraising luncheon. The decor and spread were ridiculously over the top. This was just one of the many times that I’ve been really bothered about “fundraising” dinners and such. If people REALLY want to give, then why don’t they skip the whole pony show and just ask for donations rather than spending tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars throwing a “party”?

I think I get it… because that defeats the purpose for many. If there isn’t a shin-dig of some sort, then they don’t get seen. If a tree falls in the forest but no one is there around, did it really make a sound? Philanthropy… if people don’t see how generous you are, and you don’t get your photo in the paper or your name up on a placard, did the donation really happen?

I guess I just wonder how much money could be actually be donated if the funds that were used to throw a big gala were part of that donation, what would that kind of money look like. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of legit and amazing fund-raisers that I am sure actually make a difference. The type I am talking about are the ones in which are over the top. I think it’s a little ironic when people gather to eat Foie Gras,  Filet Mignon and lovely champagne to raise money for the starving children in Africa, or to help pay for cancer treatments for the under privileged.

Donating for a good cause SHOULD be done because you genuinely want to help, not because it’s the social event of the month. And people who go to these events for the sake of showing their faces and proving how generous they are, to me, are just a step (if even) above media whores. Doing something for a photo op… it’s gotta go.

Not Ready

October 6, 2011

Last weekend we decided to take a drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon so the kids could check out where I work and have a nice picnic at Solitude.

The weather was beautiful and the changing leaves awesome. On the drive home, I talked to Greg about how much I enjoyed my commute to and from work. The scenery is unmatched.

This picture was taken last week:

This photo was taken just minutes ago from the door of my office:


If You Haven’t, You Should

June 13, 2011

If you’ve never seen this, you are missing out. Really.

It’s Gotta Go Wednesday

June 8, 2011

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

This statement applies to so many things, but this week, let’s talk clothing. And age. And appropriateness.

Now that I’ve hit the ripe old age of 36, I get it. That feeling of getting older but not really feeling older. I think I’m perpetually stuck at 28… mature, a mother, but still somewhat youthful. That being said, I don’t have a need to dress younger and younger to attempt to compensate for my increasing years.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that women in their 30’s and above cover themselves from ankles to wrist, but I’ve noticed that sometimes in older women, the skirts keep getting shorter and the shirts lower and lower. Being sexy and showing a little skin is OK. In fact, I think a little “sexy” is good for every woman, but there is a fine, or not so fine, line between being sexy and looking ridiculous. Ladies, let’s keep it appropriate. AGE appropriate.

I don’t think that anyone loves the idea of getting old. But I don’t think anybody else loves the idea of seeing the ass cheeks of a middle-aged woman in a micro mini. Even if you can wear the clothing of your 12-year-old, and even if you’ve got the body for it, it doesn’t mean you should.

After 30, dressing like a stripper, a school girl, or like you’re going to a dominatrix costume party… it’s gotta go.

It’s Gotta Go Wednesday

April 6, 2011

Monday while grocery shopping, the kids needed a potty break. I always figure, when in Rome, right? After I had used the facilities, I of course washed my hands. As I was lathering up, a woman who had just used the bathroom came out of the stall and walked right out the door. Without washing her hands!

After refraining from vomiting and making sure the kids washed their hands, and using a paper towel to open the door, I continued shopping. As I went into the produce department, I noticed Mrs. Craphands squeezing the avocados an aisle away. Unfortunately, avocados happened to be on my *@*+! list.

Here’s where I get into how I KNOW it was a little irrational, and I MIGHT be slightly germ-a-phobic, and I realized that I could simply wash the fruit (HA! Yeah, I’m no dummy… I know avocados are fruits), but I couldn’t bring myself to touch them, let alone buy them. I guess I just have a subconscious thing that forces me to boycott food item that had been touched by someone I had just witness NOT wash their hands in a public bathroom. I have no problem with dirt (unless it’s on the kids shoes and I mopped the floor) from a “germ” standpoint… it’s the stuff like e coli and salmonella that I have issues with.

This is probably a good time to tell you this story: About 9 years ago, I started having some pretty intense stomach pain. I sort of just ignored it for a while, but then it just kept getting worse. One morning I was woken up because it hurt so bad. It was at that point that I decided to suck it up and go the ER. NOTE: Just to give you an idea of my pain tolerance levels… I didn’t take ANY pain medication after my c-section. NOTHING. OK, I’m going to skip all of the gory details because it would take forever, but after 1 week, many tests, and a bunch of pain pills, the cause of my pain was discovered. A lovely bacteria, called h-pylori (for short) had invaded my system, caused an ulcer (which we subsequently discovered was slowly bleeding. No WONDER I was always anemic and couldn’t donate blood). How is this bacteria transmitted, you ask? Through human feces. Yes, so somehow, somewhere, I ate food tainted with poop.

Now do you understand my issues with people not washing their hands after wiping their arse? And because I’m going type the next line in all caps, you know this is serious stuff. NOT WASHING YOUR HANDS AFTER GOING TO THE BATHROOM HAS GOT TO GO!

It’s Gotta Go Wednesday

March 16, 2011

Sunglasses… they are something I literally do not want to ever live without. Not because I look sooooo cool in them (which undoubtedly I do), but because my eyes are rather sensitive to sunlight. “People with a lighter eye color (mine are blue) may experience more light sensitivity in environments such as bright sunlight, because darker-colored eyes contain more pigment to protect against harsh lighting” – Vance Thompson, MD. See!!! It’s totally scientific and crap!

I am rarely outside without my shades, and I always have a few pairs in my car to make sure I have them on hand while driving. So you see, I am a true fan, lover, and worshiper of sunglasses. But the name, “SUNglasses”, should be the clue that they are meant to wear in times of sunlight.

When I walk indoors, the sunglasses come off and go into the purse. When I see people walking around inside, wearing their stupid sunglasses, I have a strong desire to hit them in the back of their heads with enough force to knock their stupid glasses off of their stupid eyes. And celebrities… is there something that happens genetically when a person reaches a certain social popularity that makes light, even dim lighting like you’d find in a club or bar, painful? Maybe light is a celebrities kryptonite.

Or do they think that they are SO incredibly superior that the general population is not worthy of viewing their god-like peepers?

Unless you have diagnosed Photophobia, are blind, or are really high and trying to hide it from your parents, please, do us all a favor (and really, help yourself by not looking like such a dip SHTICK) and take ’em off. Sunglasses in doors… it’s gotta go.

Binge and Purge

May 18, 2010

The last 30+ years has obviously (basd on our collection of “stuff”) been the binge, and the last 2 days, the purge. And it has been messy, but luckily not the type of purge that required a toilet :).

As seen in my previous installment, Friday and Saturday were days of construction, and Sunday was spent organizing the new shed as well as the garage. Yesterday, I brought the action indoors. A mad search for some documents lead me to look through every freaking piece of paper in all of our files. By “all” I mean everything from 1999 taxes to ear thermometer manuals. Between Greg and I, we have 3 2-drawer filing cabinets. One of them is Greg’s, and over the past year, I’ve sort of just ignored it. It’s hard enough going through your own papers, but filtering through someone elses… oh vey!

I did find the stupid piece of paper that I needed (go me!), and since I was already knee-deep in papers, I figured I’d just purge and properly organize everything. Older docs got boxed and are in storage. Paperwork of Greg and mine were merged and now live happily together in the appropriate folders and cabinets.

The office has now been moved into the laundry/storage room, and I’m actually really liking the way it’s turned out (I’m not sure Greg is as excited about it, but I’m sure he’ll come around). I was doing a bunch of work last night at his desk, and I thought the new setup was actually very comfortable. I think I actually prefer it to the old office. I put up shelf for our monster new professional photo printer, and set up the other new printer at Mr. N’s work station.

Also moved to its new spot are all of our weights. Yippy! The only thing left to do is move the treadmill (ugh) and the bike, and then I’ve got an empty slate in which to create Ian’s room.

Unfortunately (or is it fortunately?), I woke up this morning without a voice and my throat feels like I did about 12 shots of battery acid. It’s forced me to take it easy today, although I’ve done a butt load of laundry (that means a lot). I’m also doing some online searching/shopping for Ian’s room. I definitely think taking a little bit of a day off is what I need.

I am NOT a pack rat or collector of things, and I love when things are organized. It’s a wonderful feeling to have this part of our ongoing projects taken care of, as well as knowing that the amount of our collective (mostly Greg’s 😉 ) crap is being lessened. A weight off of our house and my chest.