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Birthdays and Unicorns

February 24, 2012

First, Happy 6th Birthday to my step-daughter Riley. I can’t believe how quickly time flies, and it feels like yesterday when she was a 2 year old and I found myself being a mom to another toddler. Wow! She’s a fun, bright, energetic kid who really looks up to her older siblings and is often the life of the party. I hope you have a wonderful b-day!


It’s the weekend, and what better thing to do to celebrate a few days off than see a movie! What movie, you ask? Well, here’s an idea…

Unicorn City is family friendly, fun, and nothing less than a good time. It’s playing throughout Utah, so find a theater and get out there!

One of the main characters (Rhubarb, the Centaur, and possibly the stand-out character in the show) happens to be a good “friend” of mine… one who happens to be the father of my 3 children. Acting has always been a passion of his, and I’m happy that his dream is being realized. Congrats Clint! Now get me a free t-shirt.

It’s Gotta Go Wednesday

September 7, 2011

I don’t love grocery shopping. I’m typically a get in and get out sort of girl.

Last week when I was doing my weekly run, I noticed a phenomenon that I hadn’t noticed before. I’m naming it the people are total nimrods phenomenon.

I had to get a few things out of the produce section. As I approached the veggies on my list, there was a woman standing directly in front of the particular lettuce that I needed, and I noticed that she was texting. I stood behind her for a few seconds, and then softly said, “excuse me”. She gave me a look of death, as if MY SHOPPING AT A GROCERY STORE was ruining her stupid, lame, 45-year-old social life. I was irritated enough to say something, but wimpy enough to say it softly, “Oh gee, don’t let me get in your way. That’s a really convenient place to stand”.

OK, fast forward 30 whole seconds, and the same damn thing was happening merely 15 feet away (by the cucumbers, if you must know). There was an older couple, the husband talking to the wife while she was texting. They were probably in their mid-sixties, and I’m wondering if there is some law which forbids that kind of activity. Anyway, having 4 of my 5 kids with me AND just dealing with the rude lady 30 seconds ago, I was feeling much less sheepish and much more get-the-hell-out-of-my-way-ish. Luckily when I said “excuse me” this time around, the couple apologized for blocking my precious greens and moved to the side.

Yeah, the later of the two people texting experience was acceptable, but after what happened this particular day in the store, I’ve been paying more attention to texting that occurs in all public places. I’ve realized that this wasn’t an isolated incident. There are so many dorks out there! Walking around the streets, eyes down, texting like it’s their last night on earth, walking slowly in a way that is guaranteed to create a line behind them.

Texting is great. I love texting! It’s a great way to communicate without having to stop what you’re doing to actually talk. I text with family, friends, clients as well as co-workers. So it’s not about texting. What’s gotta go is clueless morons walking around (or even worse, driving around) with their heads lodged somewhere unmentionable, but let’s just say it’s dark. People, pay attention to what is going on around you. Yes, technology is great and I’m sure that it will totally work out with guy you’re texting who you met on HOWEVER, please remember that there are actual living people in your vicinity that may have actual things to do. If you MUST text in public, find a bench and sit, stay in your car until you’re done typing your message, or hide under a display table so you don’t get in people’s way. Because blocking me from my veggies and giving me the stink eye, it’s gotta go.

Best. Birthday. Ever.

July 29, 2011

“This was the best. birthday. EVER!” were the words that escaped my twins mouths yesterday after their birthday party.

If I’m going to be honest, I can’t say that a reptile party was entirely their idea. I definitely planted the seed, but with my love of animals, can you blame me? Luckily the twins love animals as well, and jumped right on board.

This wasn’t a terribly complicated party. I booked the Scales and Tails reptile show months ago, and other than cake & ice cream, plus present opening, that’s all this party entailed. But I invited quite a few people, including about 30 kids and 15 adults (not including our family). Not crazy, but bigger than anything I had ever attempted.

Shane, the owner of Scales and Tails, and the person who did the party, showed up earlier than expected, got set up quickly, and was entertaining the kids before he was on the “clock”. He was the perfect mixture of professional (he kept calling me ma’am), teacher (he knows SOOOO much about his subject), goofy and fun. I don’t have much experience with these kinds of parties, but I know enough to know he was amazing! So funny, for both the kids AND the adults, brought wonderful animals, and spent an hour of extra time with us. Shane was great at focusing on Emma & Cooper, and I know they felt very special. What was great about this show is that after introducing us to all of the animals and telling us some interesting facts about them, he brought most of the creatures out again and gave everyone time to handle them. He didn’t rush through it, and everyone got to hold or touch all of the animals they wanted. It was tons of fun for the kids. AND me!

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The photo where Emma is holding the snake was maybe my favorite moment. When the snake was crawling on her, she kept giggling and saying, “this is so awesome”. It was a moment of pure joy and excitement. LOVED IT!

Yes, there is a scorpion in Shane’s mouth. Yummy! Every animal was awesome, and I especially liked the giant tortious named Twinkletoes. He gave rides to the little ones, and was super gentle and cute with all of the kids. On our lawn, there is a “U” shape in the grass from where he ate (yep, they eat grass). I think he especially enjoyed the dandelion leaves that I hunted down for him. All of the snakes were beautiful, but I absolutely loved the 16 ft. python… especially because I got to help carry her out of her enclosure and display her on the lawn. Holy crap she was heavy. And AMAZING! When the sun hit her body, there were patches that became iridescent and I couldnt’ believe all of the amazing colors. Seriously, I was in awe. And she was great letting all of the kids maul her.

Actually, all of the animals were wonderful in their own right, and each one was exciting and fun. These kids (and myself) get to now say that they touched an alligator! From the tarantula and scorpion (the only non-reptiles of the day) to the Nile monitor and bearded dragon, to all of the snakes, big and bigger… they were all awesome!

I’m so glad that we had such a great turnout and that so many of Emma & Cooper’s friends were able to make it to the party. Thanks to all of our family and our friends who came to wish the twins a great 9th birthday… we hope you and your kids had as much fun as we did! I’m going to have to agree that this was the best. birthday. ever!


July 25, 2011

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“Epic”. That seemed to be the word of the weekend, at least coming from the kids mouths.

I’m not sure how “epic” it truly was (or why that seems to be new, choice word, kind of like “rad”, “sweet”, and “killer” was), but based on what I saw, I think the kiddos had a wonderful time.

Friday, after our afternoon swimming at Maree’s house, Ian & Emma had friends over to spend the night. For the first time this year, we pulled out the tent and let the kids sleep outside. Which is also what happened the next 2 nights as well, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Poor Cooper has been the odd one out when it comes to friends and sleepovers as of late. The other two have friends that are also siblings, so when one wants to play, it only makes sense that the other come along. Luckily a boy just Cooper’s age has moved in to the house that we share a back yard with, and this new friend was over pretty much every day this weekend. Yahoo! There were a few times that we had 9 kids running around, and while it got a little crazy at times, it was fun watching all of my kids play.

I did have a revelation at one point. Don’t get me wrong… I like kids. That being said, at times I do have my limits when it comes to chaos and noise, but I never did reach it. And I realized that we are becoming that house. The house where all of the kids come to play. Thinking back, I think that my parents had the same thing going on… a home in which we always knew we could bring our friends and they would be welcome. A home in which we could have sleepovers, be loud, and not get in trouble.

I think it will be good to have our house be a kid “hub”. I like knowing where my kids are at and what they are doing, and if that means that it looks sort of like a day care at times, so be it.

Saturday afternoon we pulled out the big, inflatable water slide, and all of the kids had a blast trying to kill themselves and each other on it. At one point Cooper’s lip met the head of his friend, and mouthfuls of blood and a few tears later, he was left with a seriously deep gash on the inside of his lip (check out the pictures). I did call the dr. office, unsure if it would require stitches, but was told they didn’t stitch the inside of mouths and we were both happy that this injury wouldn’t require a visit.

Saturday night, Alex had a friend sleep over, and all of the kids ended up sleeping outdoors, including the dog. I’m happy to say that no one was kidnapped or murdered, as this girls parents were seriously terrified they would be. Too much Dateline is dangerous.

Yesterday after getting rid of excess children, we took our kids to the Oquirrh Park Swimming Pool. The weather was awesome, the kids had a blast swimming and playing in the water, and I attempted to relive my youth by performing some of my old diving standbys. It was definitely not perfect, but I did my first 1 1/2 off of a platform. Scary, my suit came off of half of my body when I hit the water, but not too bad.

In celebration of the 24th, we planned a bbq, and s’mores and fireworks with friends. Greg is sort of a pyro and has some serious firework history. His family ran a Black Cat stand growing up (and up until he was an adult), so he’s no stranger to this game. The owner of a stand he went to, who happened to know the family, hooked him up and gave him a great deal on a bunch of fireworks, including some really cool aerials. One did happen to malfunction and shoot flames at our neighbors, but that just added to the excitement :).

Here I am, another weekend gone, and me totally exhausted. In 3 days I am throwing what will be the biggest birthday party I’ve ever attempted, and while I think it will be fun, I’m not quite sure I’m prepared for it. Which will then be followed with, 11 days later, Alex’s b-day party which is no small shin dig either. Ugh!!! The great news is that after this August b-day, we’re done for the rest of the year. Woo hoo!

Well, I’m sure after all of my descriptions of this weekend, you think it’s pretty dang epic too.


Did You Know…?

July 24, 2011

NO, you didn’t, cuz this crap is weird. Kind of. Here are some strange happenings to me or my kin.

  • When I was a kid, I sat next to Wilford Brimley on a plane ride from Southern Utah to SLC…  he was really nice.
  • Our house was on the news in the 80’s after a HUGE hail storm (think golf ball sized) broke most of the glass in our greenhouse and dented my mom’s car. My older sister Brooke’s hand, holding one of the hail balls, was featured. As a kid I was always jealous it was her and not me. Damn her.
  • My dad’s golfing buddy died a few years ago WHILE he was on the course with my dad. I feel really bad that my dad had to witness it but SO glad he didn’t die of a heart attack himself while running all the way back to the clubhouse to get help. He now carries a cell phone (or makes sure someone he’s with is). The weird thing about it is that even though there was a dead body on the green, people totally played through and didn’t even stop their game.
  • I’m pretty sure I almost got kidnapped when I was in elementary school. White van, candy, creepy man. I ran like hell and survived. But I am now open to the possibility it was just a friendly plumber :).
  • I can make a weird sound with my tongue that NO ONE has ever been able to duplicate. Strangely, I don’t know how I ever realized I could do it.
  • At one time, I really thought I would do some sort of animal rescue/rehab. I married a man who hates animals. GO figure.
  • I CAN NOT STAND the word “panties”. Even typing it made my stomach turn.
  • My grandpa was knighted by the Queen of England. Seriously.

There you have it. Fascinating, isn’t it?

No Longer A Spring Flower

July 18, 2011

Not like it is any big surprise or anything, but I don’t need the reminders that I’m getting old.

(HA! Even more proof… I had to save this draft and go look at my last page because I couldn’t remember what I wrote. AWESOME).

The downhill spiral started after our late Thursday night (damn that Harry Potter). Both Greg and I were exhausted, and the prospect of not only a gallery showing but also a get together with friends seemed less like fun and more like work. But I refuse to lie in order to get out of something (I have this weird thing about honesty), and it felt like something we just needed to follow through with. My cousin’s photos were amazing and I’m hoping the rest of the night was as successful as it seemed while we were there. The dinner/ping pong/sunset watching/laughing/story telling with friends ended up being a great evening, and luckily I got a second wind sometime around 9 pm. That wind blew until 2:30 pm. Yeah.

Two nights in a row of getting 3-4 hours… it reminds me of when I was 18.Except my body didn’t made scary noises when I got out of bed in the morning.

Saturday was the b-day bash of my sister from another mother (which you would totally guess if you saw us side-by-side), Maree. It may not be written, but it still is fact: I never walk out of that house without having eaten amazing food. Even better than the food was the company. I don’t know what it is about these women, but I turn into a dorky teenager. These get togethers definitely fill my laughter quota until I meet with them again. If anyone deserves a year full of fun, laughter, blessings, a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’ on the side, and all good things that can be, it is Maree. She is such a fun, generous, thoughtful, beautiful, amazing person, and I love her! She has been through some SERIOUS crap as of late, and I’m just putting it out there to the Universe… Give her a break!

This birthday celebration was so fun that I didn’t get home until after 1 am.

Another fun, and SUPER exciting news from Saturday night is that Sarah and Dave, two of our close friends, gave birth to their first baby. A BOY! Greg and I were able to go up and see the new family Sunday afternoon, and I was so impressed with how well Sarah was doing and how well she looked. Baby Ryan was absolutely adorable. I know that everyone is supposed to say that, but believe me, I’ve seen some pretty scary babies. This sweet boy is so perfect and wonderful, I could have held him forever! I’m excited for some serious baby holding in the near future and getting to know this cute little guy better. Congrats D and S… we love you!

Babies, birthdays, friends and fatigue. It was a great weekend, but I am definitely feeling it. What happened to the days when I could stay out late and not be worse for wear. Hopefully this week and some earlier bed times will be the my mini fountain of youth. Or not.


What Happens In Vegas…

July 11, 2011

For me, the tough part about posting after a vacation is attempting to explain in words all that happened during the adventure. And that is a nearly impossible feat.

This yearly trip with friends is something we all look forward to. It’s not merely a girls trip, but for some of us, it’s the only time during the year that we get to take a few days to ourselves and do whatever we want to do WHEN we want to do it without having to really worry about anyone else. Not hungry? No problem, don’t eat. Want to sit around and veg by the pool all day? Do it! There were absolutely no schedules, plans, deadlines to keep, lunches to make, sunscreen to apply (except to yourself), and it was absolutely wonderful!

Those who wanted to shop, did. A LOT.  Then there were others like me… those who spent each day lounging by the pool, soaking in the rays, splashing around and annoying the weirdo women who apply full makeup and then get mad when they get wet while they are SITTING IN A POOL, and even napping a little here and there.

At nights we enjoyed wonderful meals together. The first night we ate at Joe’s Stone Crab & Steak House, and while my steak was excellent, the crab bisque was exquisite. YUMMM!

The second night we ate at Bobby Flay’s restaurant, Mesa Grill. It was a completely different kind of food, and was equally delicious. The fun thing about our trip to Vegas and the food we ate is that EVERY place we went, it was an edible experience rather than just filling our bellies to satisfy hunger.

It’s hard to pinpoint one moment to call my favorite. The entire trip was full of carefree fun as well as making complete fools out of ourselves. People watching in Vegas rivals any shows that you can find around town, and I’m pretty sure we did some entertaining of our own.

I’m lucky to be a part of such a great group of women and to have one of my closest friends be extremely generous by taking us on these yearly trips. Thank you Maree… you are the best!


I was ready to come home and see my husband, kids, and my bed (although I must say, the Venetian was beautiful and very comfortable), but loved every minute of my time with the girls. If you haven’t done a trip with your friends, I highly recommend it!

Now THAT’S A Workout

June 23, 2011

I’m not really sure what part of the body this is supposed to tone, but I hear it’s all the rage.

I’ve Almost Recovered

June 21, 2011

Family reunions are fun, but boy, did the last week and a half wipe me out. I’m sure part of it was due to the fact that I was sick for part of the time. Despite illness and whatever else that was undesirable that happened, it was a really fun +week.

After the Alpine Slide a week ago Friday, we got together for a Boondocks day, Lagoon last Thursday, A Minute To Win It family game night (which was really fun and our family won. Woo Hoo!), a movie, and a ton of meals together.

It was great to see my sister who lives out of State, and all of her kids. It’s even more fun to watch the cousins play together and enjoy each other. I wish we all lived closer together, but then again, maybe the distance between us all helps the kids to enjoy their limited time together that much more.

Even though I feel like it might take me a week to recover, I’m very grateful to have a family that thinks it’s important to make the time to get together this time each year. I know we are making wonderful memories for all of our kids, as well as strengthening cousin relationships.

On a totally different subject, I went to see a dermatologist this morning for a stupid weird itchy patch of skin on my elbow. While I was talking to her I mentioned that I did have a small little sore like thing on my head (covered by my hair). Diagnosis: actinic keratosis. A precancerous spot. YIPPY! She removed it and froze the area (no, I don’t have a bald spot 🙂 ), and wants to see me in a few months. I just thought this was ironic after my last weeks post about skin cancer and sunscreen. Keep applying that sunscreen kids, AND, don’t forget your scalp!

If You Haven’t, You Should

June 13, 2011

If you’ve never seen this, you are missing out. Really.