Today’s Top Ten


10. My A/C broke this weekend…it was 90 degrees in my house.

9. My new puppy is pissing all over my house and attacking my children non-stop.

8. Today I paid $316 to have said A/C fixed…just 2 months after paying $160 to have it fixed. I’m SO glad they convinced me to get the ‘best’ model. Horse shit.

7. It doesn’t matter what I do (or don’t do)…It won’t change it.

6. I spent Saturday in the E.R. with my 7 yr. old son. Then we spent the night sleeping in my 90 degree house with his 102 degree fever. I hate seeing my kids suffer.

5. Half of everyone I know has cancer…wtf!?!

4. My self proclaimed title isn’t even a little bit of a joke anymore.

3. I got angry at my child today and reduced him to tears…I suck.

2. Someone (who I love and respect) described me as being on the “return shelf”. If this is how someone who knows, loves, and even likes me views me, well…I’m screwed.

1. Sometimes it hurts so bad I can barely fucking breathe.


Ironic that I would post this after my “Bitchy-o” rant. But I figured this is one of those times when spewing out the putrescent phlegm that are my thoughts might help. Yeah, not so much. But luckily you (aka ME) gets to read it! And you thought you were gonna get some D. Letterman. Ha ha! Suckers.


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