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I Almost Died

May 5, 2013

Died, as in actual death, might be an exaggeration. But at times I felt like the past 3 weeks might kill me. My new job… holy cow! It took me all of 5 minutes to realize that I started at probably the worst time in the history of the company. And another 10 minutes to figure out that this position was not for the faint of heart. It’s HARD! Did I mention it’s at a large health insurance company? I blame ObamaCare, because that’s where the fault lies. Health Care Reform can kiss it! Crazy deadlines, getting like 45 minutes of training, and in general having no clue what I was doing were a few of the key points.

The girl I was replacing went into labor 2 days after I was hired, and only showed me how to do half of one of the many reports and projects she’s responsible for. And it’s not like I can fake it. It requires using programs new to me, and having to know the “language” to pull the info to compile the reports. Yeah, coding isn’t my strong suit… it’s never been in the deck. And the kicker is that no one in my department knows how to do the job. I have to pick the brains of an uber smart techie guy in the “actuary” department to help me figure it out. I’m sure he loves me… not.

After my first day, I was frustrated, angry, and couldn’t decide if I’d rather punch someone or cry. But I did neither. Each day brought new challenges, but also a lot of learning experiences. In the beginning I had some serious doubts about myself, but it’s all coming together and faith in myself is definitely rising. I’m kind of a genius ;).

Things will still be kinda hectic around the workplace for the next few weeks (months? year?!), but I’m feeling a little more comfortable with everything. AND, I have kind of a sweet cubical/area. It’s huge, and I have a window with a great view.

Hopefully I will be forgiven by all for everything in my house going to pot 🙂