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It’s Gotta Go Wednesday

February 29, 2012

Intention is worth something, but the behavior after the fact will always carry more weight. If you don’t get what I mean by that, then you can call me and we’ll talk through it.

Coming into something with the “right” purpose doesn’t mean much when the end result doesn’t resemble what you intended in the beginning. Letting pride and ego take the wheel can often be a derailing force. Losing sight of the goal and what is really important… it’s gotta go.

Birthdays and Unicorns

February 24, 2012

First, Happy 6th Birthday to my step-daughter Riley. I can’t believe how quickly time flies, and it feels like yesterday when she was a 2 year old and I found myself being a mom to another toddler. Wow! She’s a fun, bright, energetic kid who really looks up to her older siblings and is often the life of the party. I hope you have a wonderful b-day!


It’s the weekend, and what better thing to do to celebrate a few days off than see a movie! What movie, you ask? Well, here’s an idea…

Unicorn City is family friendly, fun, and nothing less than a good time. It’s playing throughout Utah, so find a theater and get out there!

One of the main characters (Rhubarb, the Centaur, and possibly the stand-out character in the show) happens to be a good “friend” of mine… one who happens to be the father of my 3 children. Acting has always been a passion of his, and I’m happy that his dream is being realized. Congrats Clint! Now get me a free t-shirt.

It’s Gotta Go Wednesday

February 22, 2012

Wow… what a day. One that ended well :).

On to the post…

This morning at an appointment with my son, a handicapped person came into the office in a wheelchair. In addition, his arms were very short and hands were deformed… enough so that the office staff had to take down his information rather than have him fill out the paperwork. At this particular office, you have to sort of navigate through a sea of chairs in order to stand in line so that the next office assistant can take your info and money. And this line is formed back from the windows, to protect patient information, or so the sign says. This man could clearly not make his way through, so he sort of “stood” off to the side.

A couple, probably in their mid 30’s, sitting near me made a comment that made me sick to my stomach. They said something about “cripples” wanting to be treated equally, yet they want all sorts of special treatment. That it was unfair that everyone else had to adhere to the rules, yet he could just wheel on up and not have to conform.

Seriously? Yes, I’m sure that him not having to stand in line  (even though he did wait his turn) is SO worth it. The inability to walk can be totally made up by getting to park in a closer stall. Or skip a line. Or live any kind of “normal” life.

People who are so incredibly clueless and lack any discernible amount of intelligence and have absolutely no idea of how stupid they sound… it’s gotta go.



February 21, 2012

Been sick. Still sick. One thing on top of another. Cold. Another cold. And now the flu (or food poisoning… not sure which). I can’t wait to feel healthy again! This mere taste of longer than I’d like illness makes me so thankful that typically I’m pretty healthy, and also so empathetic to those that aren’t. Fingers crossed that my immune system kicks things up a notch soon!

It’s Gotta Go Wednesday

February 15, 2012

I like to breathe between sentences and I am also not a bidder at an auction. So don’t tell me your phone number or credit card like you’re an auctioneer. It’s not a race… you’ve already won your reservation.

People spewing information at me mach 50 when I’m taking down their info… it’s gotta go.

That and me getting another cold.

Real Romance

February 14, 2012

Chocolate, flowers, a Hallmark card, jewelery… all the traditional Valentines Day fare. A dinner and movie was part of our plan.

But as I write this post, lying in bed with copious amounts of snot plugging my nose and feeling like invisible midgets beat me with a bat while I was sleeping, my husband is in the kitchen missing the Jazz game and preparing dinner for me because I’m too sick to go out.

This morning he went in late to work to wait for the water heater repair guy because I had to go to work. And he put a bunch of laundry away during the wait.

Honestly, all of these things are more romantic to me than items that can be bought in a store (but I must admit, I really do like the assortment of bubble baths & gift card 🙂 ).

Happy Valentines Day!

It’s Gotta Go Wednesday

February 8, 2012

This whole about Josh Powell and him murdering his two boys has been the predominant story in the news in Utah since Sunday. I’ve been keeping up on the articles online as well as the comments.

There have been a number of people who write something to the effect of, “the media drove him to it”, “he will be forgiven”, “blah blah blah”. These all make me want to vomit and then have a serious sit-down with these people.

Yes, bad things happen to people. But in this case, I believe that J.P. created this “bad thing” for himself by, oh, I dunno, murdering his wife. To make excuses for the heinous act of taking the life of his innocent children in such a selfish and violent way is such a bunch of crap. People get raped, beaten, have family members killed, lose everything, wrongly accused, kidnapped, held prisoners in dog cages in a dark basement for years, etc., and they manage to NOT kill their children. If incredibly stressful situations caused people to murder their children, I don’t think there would be any kids alive today.

There’s this great thing called accountability. We are all responsible for our own actions. No one or no thing can MAKE a person do something. I’m a psych major, so it’s not like I don’t acknowledge or am aware of mental illness, and what a person who is sick can do. But I do not believe that in this case it is anything more than a horrible person taking what he sees as a possession (his boys) with the mindset that if he can’t have them, no one will.

Back to what’s gotta go… people who can excuse and justify murder with the ole, “the devil media made me do it”… it’s gotta go.