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Happy Day

July 30, 2012

Yep, I’m the cruddiest blogger in the world. It just means that my life is extremely full!

I’ve got a ton of stuff I really need to be doing, but didn’t want the day to pass without me giving a shout out to my two favorite 10 year olds… Happy Birthday Emma & Cooper!

In some ways it seems like they came into this world a lifetime ago. In other ways it feels like just yesterday. But it ALWAYS feels like the are some of the best things that have happened to me.

Beating Coop by 2 minutes, Emma is the daughter I always dreamed of. Sweet, funny, witty and smart. Beautiful, both inside and out. She’s incredibly sensitive and has such a tender heart, is thoughtful of others, and caring and empathetic. I love her goofy grin and her sassy way of teasing. I’m so proud of my not so little girl, and know that she will continue to bring light and love into this world.

Cooper, the youngest, is pretty much one of the coolest kids that I know. He is such an example to me, and teaches me more about myself each and every day. I love his sense of humor, is concern for others feelings, his willingness to help with a smile and without a complaint any and every time I ask. I can’t imagine my days not filled with his funny stories and his many hugs and kisses.

These two “babies” are a light in my life and I’m thankful to be their mom.

Happy Birthday Emma & Cooper.. may this year be the best yet!

The Coop

July 9, 2012

No, not a car. My kid.

A few weeks ago, Cooper had kind of a rough day. The produce drawer in our refrigerator was having some trouble, meaning that it was falling apart. Unlucky Coop was the one who finally broke it.

And then later that day, an unlucky little tea cup that was part of a cool little set from China that I got from my deceased grandma had a run in with Cooper.

I was frustrated with him, and about 10 minutes after I let him know I wasn’t happy, I got this note plus a $10 bill:

Dear Mom   Sorry for breaking your stuff. I don’t mean to is there anything I can do? I’ll buy you some glue.  *heart* Cooper.”

Cooper really takes everything to heart, which can be both good and bad. While sometimes he takes things a little to personally and can be pretty sensitive, he also takes responsibility for his actions and genuinely feels bad about his mistakes. And he wants to make things right.

And no, I didn’t take the $10.

It was my pleasure to take him out for our date night last week, where we hit T.G.I.F.’s for dinner (one of his favorite places to eat) and then went bowling. I love this kid!


July 5, 2012

I’m a horrible person. OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But lately, I’m a horrible blogger.

Last time I wrote I explained how I was not continuing with the It’s Gotta Go Wednesday posts. Keeping it short and sweet, the reasons are: 1) Lack of material. If you know you me, you know I’m a ray of sunshine. The silver lining of any and all clouds ;). Really though, coming up with something new and entertaining became more of a job than fun. And this is supposed to be fun! 2) I’m trying to keep things somewhat positive. Sure, there is negative out there in the world… and in my world. But fort he most part, things in these parts are pretty good. So that’s where I’d like to keep the focus.

I promise that I will continue to occasionally bitch and moan as well as openly mock. But I want to do it on MY terms, not dictated by the day of the week.

Part of the reasons I’ve been absent is this crazy thing called motherhood. Since the kids have been out of school, the majority of my time is spent mothering. Plus, we’ve been keeping ourselves pretty busy.

The week school got out, we went camping with another family. Fun, crazy, and definitely a test of patience. That next week we all go together with my entire family for a family reunion week. My twins had a week of camp at Wheeler Farm, and the rest is just a blur.

I can’t believe a month has already gone by, and in less than 2 more, kids will be back to hitting the books. I’m enjoying sleeping in, not having to go through backpacks, and no homework. But I’m pretty sure I’ll be more than ready to have a break each day. While the kids are enjoying playing with each other, I’m pretty sure that in a month or so, they’ll be ready for a break from each other :).

So, what are you and yours up to this summer?