What You Need To Know

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My brother-in-law posted this, and I feel that it is not only appropriate but a necessity for all of the free world.

The Definitive Guide To Trading Halloween Candy


Sense of Humor

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The “Universe”, or whatever you want to call it, must have a sense of humor. But not the Pee Wee Herman kind… more of the Alanis Moressette kind. The kind of humor where you have a plan and idea of what you’re going to do, and then everything happens to keep you from actually accomplishing anything on your To-Do list.

When we got back from our vacation last weekend, I had a few projects and chores I wanted to tackle. Clean and organize the laundry/office/workout/storage room, clean out fridge, do a full house clean, organize storage shed, catch up on laundry, put patio stuff away for winter, winterize sprinklers, etc. Guess how many of these things I got done.

No really, guess.

0. Yep, ZERO. A big fat nada. Zilch. Diddly-squat.

Monday I remembered (last-minute) that I was scheduled to volunteer at school. Which was fine, because that left me hours left to get some of my chores done, right? Uh, no. Both of my jobs have been super busy for me all week. I had to set-up an appointment to take some friends through a house Tuesday afternoon, and deal with a lot of prop. management stuff for my other job. But my Tuesday was pretty wide open, so it was fine.

Oh, not so fast there Sunshine. Let’s throw a sick kid in the mix. Oh, and my other new clients wanted to see a house THAT DAY in addition to my friends that I already had an appointment with. No biggie… I can juggle a little. OK, so 2 showings, a sick child, and a volleyball game later that night followed by a team potluck after the game, which I must mention: Baked bree, fruit w/ delicious dip, bruschetta, sushi, yummy cookies, etc… yummm. At least I ate well :). Guess I can get stuff done on Wednesday.

EXCEPT for that dentist appointment in the morning, which I had forgotten about until late Tuesday, followed by a call from Ian’s school stating that he “looked horrible” and I needed to come pick him up. Then a trip to the doctor which left us with a vague diagnosis and still sick kid. Oh yeah, and how about a lot more work stuff that comes up last-minute. And even though I went to bed with a massive headache and a slight fever, there is always hope for Thursday.


Today Ian woke up with a higher fever, looking even sicker, and the rash that looked like this on Wednesday…


Looked this THIS today:

And it wouldn’t be a fun morning with out the new added symptom of vomiting.

I was stressing out, asked advice on FB, and tried to self-diagnose him (thanks internet!) for hours until I just threw in the towel and took him to another dr. This one had a completely different idea of what as going on. Side note… it is  a little disturbing to me that two different doctors had two completely different diagnosis. ANYWAY, this dr. said that the rash, fever, and other issues are a result of a drug reaction to a sulfa-based antibiotic that Ian was taking for an infection in his foot. And it was a pretty serious reaction… one that could cause serious problems. Blood tests showed that his organs seem to be OK (the reaction can cause organ damage), but we need to watch him closely for the next few days. He’s on a very strong/high dose of steroids, and I’m hoping that will help him heal. We’re in the wait-and-see phase.

I also had one of the busiest work days I’ve had in a long time… lots of condo inquiries and reservations, PLUS setting up appointments for showing more homes tomorrow. Which helped to me to totally forget about a dinner date with friends, one who is in town from out of state for only a few days :(. But mom’s with sick kids don’t get to go out and play.

And here I sit, taking the time to write this post while neglecting some serious housework that needs to be done. But it’s forcing me to vent and decompress a little, and gives me some extra time to think about what I’ve haven’t done as well as what I need to get done.

So Universe, it’s been a cute prank this week, but how about next week we call it a truce. Me, my dirty laundry, and my fridge thank you in advance.

Bad Bad Bad

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I’m bad. Not bad as in Michael Jackson bad. Definitely not bad as in Bruce Willis in Die Hard (but since we’re on the subject, I love him. He’s old, but he’s one sexy hunk o’ burning old love). I’m a bad blogger. Yesterday I had two different people let me know what a crappy blogger I’ve been. Luckily water boarding went out of style years ago.

Where do I even begin. There was a trip to St. George with my parents in September. A couples trip to Lake Powell later in September. A bunch of other stuff. And a trip back to St. George with just our family (minus Alex who was out of town w/ grandparents). Rather than trying to re-live the past month or two, here are some pictures from our little vaca this weekend.

I’ll try to do better in the future, but I know better than to make promises :).

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Kicking My Can

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This whole school thing… it’s a whole lotta craziness. You’d think that the burden and stress would be on the kids, but I’m definitely feeling it. Endless piles of homework, fees for this and that, volunteering sign ups, reports and projects. UGH. Can I have my summer back?

Middle school has been an adjustment for Ian. While there are aspects that he really enjoys, this small dose of what the real world is like has definitely been a shock to him. I’m hoping that as the weeks pass, he’ll figure out what he’s supposed to do and what the teachers expect, and it’ll become his new normal.

The other kids seem to be settling into their classes pretty well. I’ve been shocked about how much homework Emma & Cooper have had. There have been nights when they’ve had 2-3 hours, and they are only in 4th grade! I’m already dreading the stupid Utah County reports that we have to work on this weekend. LAME!

While it’s been crazy, I am enjoying the few days a week that I get a full half of a day with some quiet. It’s amazing how much I can get done when the day isn’t broken up every two hours with kids coming home or other school responsibilities.

This morning as I was watering my garden, it was weird to be cold at 9 a.m. I can’t deny that my 2012 summer is on it’s way out. I’m not ready to say goodbye, but seasons are funny like that… they don’t really care what I want.

Guess we ALL have to get used to the changes around these parts.


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OK, I’m going to take two separate but somewhat related ideas and bring ’em together. Stay with me.

I watch a lot of Animal Planet and National Geographic. I love animals and am fascinated by non-human creatures. One of the shows I often watch is Animal Cops… a show that pretty much creates disdain for many humans and makes me want to adopt or foster every abused and neglected animal in the Western Hemisphere.

Sometimes the animals in the show are so far gone that it is determined they would be better off and it would be more humane to put them down then try to treat them. On the show they always say that the animal needs to be “Humanely euthanized”. It’s something I’ve lived through personally 3 times before with my own pets, and while it was something that still haunts and tortures me, I know it was the right thing to do.

Let’s look at the word Humane, which is defined as:

1. Characterized by kindness, mercy, or compassion: a humane judge.

2. Marked by an emphasis on humanistic values and concerns.

OK, so when an animal is suffering, assisting in their death is considered humane… KIND, COMPASSIONATE, a direct reflection of our values as humans.

Why is it, then, that assisting a human in their own death is not considered humane, it is criminal?! This is something that has bothered and bewildered me for quite some time.

When my grandpa was dying, it was especially difficult for my dad to watch. My grandpa was suffering… truly painfully wasting away, in a state of constant pain unless he was unconscious. Some life, right? At one point my dad said if it wouldn’t send him to jail, he would smother his father with a pillow while he was in a drug induced coma to put him out of his misery. It may sound harsh to you, but I know that it was said out of complete love and, well, humanity. My dad then tried to make me promise to do the same for him.

On a personal level, I have always felt like quality of ANY life was far more important that quantity. I have a living will and advanced directives that let my family and doctors know when I want life saving treatments to continue, to stop, and when to essentially “pull the plug”. What I’m saying is that my whole quality vs. quantity isn’t just talk,  I’m walking the walk. I’m also one of those people that realize death is just a part of life, and it will come to everyone. The when and how are the only variables. For me I can’t see any benefit from prolonging my life for a day, week, or month, if there is not a chance of recovery. Having blood pump through my veins and air go into my lungs is not what defines “living”, at least for me. However, if someone wants to fight to the end, I think that is wonderful and incredibly brave!

Ultimately, I believe it all comes down to choice. I believe that each person should have a say in what happens to themselves. It should be a personal choice when it comes to fighting for your own life, or being able to let go. I’m not saying that if someone is terminally ill, we just go in and kill them. What I am saying is that if someone wants to fight, it should be their choice. And if a person decides that they are ready to meet their maker, that too should be that individuals choice.

At what point did we as humans let the fear of death and medical advances that keep people alive regardless of a persons wishes put personal freedom, respect, and true humanity on the back burner?

I’d love for you to weigh in. Because I find it absolutely insane that we think of ending the life of a suffering animal compassionate and humane, but we cannot do that for our fellow-men.

Making Our Own

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When I was a little girl, the 10th birthday was a rite of passage. It meant we were old enough to enjoy (and behave) at one of the best restaurants around. It meant that my dad would take his daughters for a one-on-one date to La Caille.

If you’re not familiar with La Caille, might I suggest clicking on the above link to check it out. But in short, it’s fancy, expensive, and on amazingly beautiful grounds.

After some discussion, Greg and I decided to create a similar tradition. The difference is that we’re taking each kid (boys included) when they turn 12. We came up with this idea a little after Ian turned 12, and it only took us 5 months to actually see it through :). And about 3 weeks ago, we finally came through on our promise.

We looked over the menu and decided that Ian would most likely prefer the brunch menu. Plus, I wanted it to be earlier in the day with plenty of light so that we could check out the beautiful sights.

We wanted it to be a big deal for the kids, because it kind of is. So we all dressed up (at least more than we normally do), and picked Ian up from his dad’s one Sunday morning/afternoon. Ian had never experienced valet parking, and it was kind of funny to watch him wonder what he was supposed to do.

I had requested a table outside because I remember so fondly what happens when you eat outside. There is abundant wild life here, and my favorite are the peacocks walking around and they come right up to your table. I’m not sure what we spent more time doing… eating or feeding them. SO CUTE!

Greg and I ordered Eggs Benedict with a Petite Fillet Mignon, and Ian decided on Creme Brulee French Toast. SOOOO good! They also served caramel croissants, crepes with a grape/raisin compote, and finished the meal with a chocolate mousse. None of us could finish all of our food, but we made sure to save room so that we could taste everything.

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After our delicious meal, we walked around the expansive grounds. There are a number of little trails, streams, and we even saw a cute little bunny hopping around. I had such a fun afternoon with 2 of my boys, and I know it was something that Ian will never forget.

I can’t wait until our “triplets” turn 12 and we can share this experience with them.

1st For The 8th Time

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We’ve been through the 1st day of school many times. Even so, it’s still exciting, nerve wracking, and a pretty big day at our house.

Luckily the kids all seemed happy that school was starting up again. Last night they got ready by showering, setting all of their new clothes out, and acting kind of like they took a hit of meth.

It was a pretty smooth morning (although some tears from the twins from throat pain happened), and it all went off as expected.

I can’t believe Ian is in Jr. High… how did that happen!?! Alex will be following suit next year, which seems crazy to me. Emma & Cooper are now starting 4th, and both got the teacher they wanted, which will hopefully ensure a great year. And Riley starts her first day of “real” all-day school tomorrow.

Only 12 more years to go 😉